Sunday Snippet: Round the World Dash.

I recently did a Virtual Round the World Dash with a group of kids and these activity sheets were the perfect fit… Wycliffe Fun Facts Activity Pages.

These pages are not your average activity pages: they are packed with factoids, games, quizzes, projects to do and a recipe on each of them. They are really good – we printed them out, one for each kid and turned them into a guidebook.

What we did was pick a missionary from the missionary board at church, one from each continent. These are the sorts of jobs the missionaries had:

  • A teacher from Africa.
  • A banker in Asia.
  • A soccer coach from South America.
  • A fisherman in North America
  • We had a chef from Australia.
  • We had an actor in Europe.


We made passports with each kidlet and then we virtually traveled the world, and did an appropriate activity in each spot and placed an appropriate sticker inside our passports.

For example:

  • In Africa we had a treasure hunt for little wild animals, and everyone got an African animal sticker.
  • In Asia we counted sweeties (money) with chop sticks… and they got some money stickers.
  • In South America we did football training in the form of soccer relay games… and got a soccer ball sticker.
  • In North America we did magnetic fishing and had a marshmallow fish snack. Everyone got a fish sticker.
  • In Australia we all decorated cupcakes and got a sweetie sticker.
  • In Europe I read a story and they acted it out as I went along and used costume stickers.


The point of the stickers was that when they look at their passports later they would remember to pray for their missionaries.

  • If they see a wild animal pray for the teacher in Africa.
  • If they see some money pray for the banker in Asia.
  • If they see a soccer ball pray for the coach in South America.
  • If they see a fish pray for the fisherman in North America.
  • If they see a sweetie pray for the chef in Australia.
  • If they see a dress-up costume pray for their actor in Europe.


We finished our morning with the Global Graffiti project I described here. It is a great fabric painting project that you can do with fabric markers to avoid the serious mess.

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  1. Hi there, So pleased to meet you! We love the Wycliffe resources and use them all the time – I can’t rave about them enough… brilliant and free!!! We live any a very multi-cultural society and they have been so useful across a wide spectrum of kids…

  2. Hi there, So pleased to meet you! We love the Wycliffe resources and use them all the time – I can’t rave about them enough.

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