Clearly Christmas: How Se7en Do Christmas.

Normally I post party posts on a Wednesday, but I thought for the month of November I would write a series on how we do Christmas, Clearly Christmas.

I know it is hideously early to be thinking about this. The blog world is reeling from Halloween and will launch straight into Thanksgiving, but trust me a month from now it will be hot hot summer here, school will be out and we will be chilling – I do not want to spend our entire summer vacation thinking about Christmas, I really try and finish all our preparations before December.



Seriously, any Christmas preparations have to be done before December begins… I hate last minute rushing, it gets expensive!!! I hate making Christmas presents at the last minute they tend to flop…

The way to survive the whole Christmas Project – and it is a project! Is to plot and plan… So over the next few weeks I will write about our Christmas preparations and how we manage to have a completely relaxed and stress free Christmas while everyone around us seems to get frantic!

I will write about our traditions, gifts we like to make and give, decorations we like to make, cookies we like to bake and of course parties… we do party in December!

This weeks Clearly Christmas Projects are:

And thank you to all my readers because once again, as in my Tisket/Tasket Series you will be keeping me accountable and up to date with my Christmas organizing.

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