Clearly Christmas: Se7en Gift Packaging ideas…

Sometimes there are gifts that gift wrapping just isn’t going to do the trick and you can usually package away with gift bags… but supposing you don’t want to buy a couple of gift bags then here are se7en alternative ideas…


Se7en Gift Packaging Ideas:

  • Glass Jars: For gifts from the kitchen you can’t beat glass jars… and the trick to making them giftable is all in the gift tag – where you can add the relevant recipe or directions or whatever!

    DSC03941.JPG 100-0076_IMG

  • Folders: These are great and easy for kids to make and to keep flattish thing in. You need school book covers, decorate them as you would gift wrap – basically any way you like.


    Once your book cover is decorated glue the sides down flat fold the cover closed and glue along all the edges, except the top one.



    And you are done:


  • Pocket Bags and Felt Birds: These are great for popping in a crafty kit and very quick and easy.
    • Pocket Bags: save your kids oldest worn out trousers – you know more holes than trousers, snip around the outside of the pockets – you are done. Embellish with bits of felt and fabric scraps and fabric glue. Or stitch some beads on for the more adventurous.


    • Felty Birds: Same sort of thing, we made the felty birds for a Tuesday Art Task. I just stitched round the base of the birds after the task was done – and there you go a couple of great containers for little crafty packs.


  • Mini-Pinata’s: For teeny tiny trinket type gifts these are a perfect package, with a built in surprise. Here’s how to make mini-pinatas and anything else you might need for pinata making. Because these are made from tissue paper you can really go crazy with pretty Christmas colors.


  • Origami Boxes: These are fabulous for gifting almost anything – I use them for Cookies on Christmas Eve type gifts. Take the time to teach a child of yours this life-skill – an invaluable lesson. Every time you need a little box for something you just announce: I need a box and a box will appear in your vicinity, quite by magic – especially if the box maker should be doing maths or something!!!


  • Bandanas:These are great especially if your kids have decorated them themselves and the quickest easiest way to decorate a bandana is with tie-dying. On their own bandanas are a great gift, but it is easy enough to wrap some excitement up inside them as well!


There you go, Se7en Packaging ideas, and the next post in this mini series on Gift Wrapping for Christmas will be Se7en Gifts Tags.

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