Clearly Christmas: Advent Week 4

In my first post on Advent I mentioned what we would be doing for everyday as Christmas draws nearer and nearer…


Here is a summary and links to the se7en things we are doing each day:

And here is a run down of each days activities as we wander our way through to Christmas…

Advent Day 22: Monday


How do you make a slow reindeer fast?

Don’t feed it

Game Played: Checkers.


Jesse Tree: Mary – a heart.

Christmas Carol: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

Christmas Preparation: Finally got going with helping the kids make their gifts for their siblings.

Bella Dia Advent Craft: Miniature Felted Wool Wreaths.


Wild Card: Had friends over to swim until we couldn’t swim anymore. And we started reading the Christmas Carol. We are so loving it. Just a chunk a day. I thought it would go over the top of the little guys heads – but they are right in there, with comments and questions. Lovely.

Advent Day 23: Tuesday


Who delivers Christmas presents to cats?

Santa Paws

Game Played: Pick up Sticks.


Jesse Tree: Joseph – tools.

Christmas Carol: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent

Christmas Preparation: Made all the gifts for our friends and wrapped them up good to go! Baked and baked… a massive baking day!

Bella Dia Advent Craft: Felted Wool Mitten Ornaments. We didn’t do this I am all felted out. But we did have a treasure hunt for mittens instead… we found them creeping out of drawers, we found them amongst the pots!


Wild Card: The adult persons left the kid people with friends and went out like adult people for lunch – wonderful!!! Everywhere was quiet and empty, I guess there was a last minute dash somewhere, but not in my space!

Advent Day 24: Wednesday


Why is Santa like a bear on Christmas Eve?

Because he’s sooty.

Game Played: Cluedo. That’s it, we have survived the twenty four day game challenge. I can’t believe we even own twenty-four games!


Jesse Tree: Mary.

Christmas Carol: O Come All Ye Faithful; Who is This; Joy to the World.

Christmas Preparation: Wrapped all the kids gifts!


Bella Dia Advent Craft: Catch yourself! We were let off!!! Really the Crafty Crow has been fantastic and we have had so much fun doing all the Christmas Crafts.

Wild Card: Kirstenbosch with friends. Followed by a trip to story time at our best book shop.

Advent Day 25: Thursday

Christmas at last!

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