Sunday Snippet: Bible Reading in a Year…

So it is that resolution time of year – again. Where we get all caught up in good ideas for quiet times and over ambitious lists of Bible readings and prayer ideas…

Now my kids do their own Bible Reading in bed in the morning, either their school reading or I get them fun Bible Notes for during the vacation, but I wanted a real Bible Reading plan for us to do together:

What we needed was something manageable enough to work with. It helps that if you miss a day the world won’t grind to a halt and boxes to tick are fabulous, especially if you actually do the work!

So I found the reading plans at Discipleship Journal to be really useful. They have a whole lot to choose from some are five day a week or six, which means if you miss a day for some or other reason it is easy to catch up.

The one we use is the Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan: We read a about three chapters a day, six days a week. And one psalm or section of Proverbs everyday. It is manageable!!! I print out the schedule at the beginning of the year and we read it at lunchtime… Kids eat and I read, and someone has the privilege of ticking the box day by day as we wind our way through it.

At first it was hard for certain people (!) to sit and listen, but it helps that they are eating at the time and they get better at listening, especially as they get more interested in the story. This is a good reason for choosing the Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan, because one can get into the whole story book by book by book.

Sometimes we have to be out for lunch or just unable to be at the table for lunch, then I catch up while I am preparing supper by listening to Max Maclean and his Listeners Bible.


So we read through the Bible last year and we will just carry on and do it again this year. Hopefully by the time they are finished school they each will have read through the Bible a couple of times.

Which leads to my second goal and that is writing the word on our hearts… and I found a great plan for that here. This is a great how to learn a verse a week study plan. But this is just to give you a taste and I will write more about learning the Bible next week and I will add a whole heap of resources then as well.

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