Saturday Spot: A Drawer a Day…

The time has come the Walrus said…

To get my house back into shape after the Christmas Season. And to vaguely getting back to the streamlined home-schooling machine that we dream of being. We have been inundated with visitors, and that means dashing round the house and stashing whatever is lying around on any of the flat surfaces into a drawer.

Remember the whole tisket/tasket project… well even with daily maintenance I need to curb the chaos again. What is it about entropy and homes…
So it’s crunch time. I thought I would do a drawer a day until I was finished them and then start over. You know basically do a drawer everyday for the rest of my life – waahhaaahha – no I don’t think so. That can’t be possible. Seriously…

Already I am reassessing this project – before I have begun, it is not a good sign!

So I thought I would count all the drawers around the house just to assess the enormity of the project:

16 in the hallway:


9 in the kitchen:


2 in the lounge:


6 in the father person’s messy room: They are not mine, they do not count and I cannot possibly look at them.


20 in the kids room:


17 in the bedroom and dressing room:


That’s close to 70 drawers!!! That’s ten weeks worth of “a drawer a day…” No, I am going to have to speed this drawer project up some what. If I worked really hard and did ten a day it could be done in about a week – the time I was thinking of taking… 10 drawers a day is a huge amount – mind blowing in fact. Granted some are easy and basically done, but others have, well, hidden depths!

Right after reassessing the project: a drawer a day is a little far fetched, so is ten drawers a day! Happy medium I am aiming for se7en-ish a day. Realistically, some days will be good and some will be bad… but in two weeks time I should be done.

Starting tomorrow of course! No really, Monday is always a good time to start a project. I will get back to you and let you know how it is going.

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  1. I tell you what – its killing me, but half way through… Actually I have done all the easy ones but the bazillion junk drawers (every house has one and we always seem to have more of everything) are staring me in the eye and frankly, now would be a really good time for a break from our break!

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