Sunday Snippet: Passover Resources For Kids…

Last week in our Sunday Snippet we did a Mighty Moses Scavenger Hunt. Now the last plague, that I only touched on, was the death of the firstborn, described in Exodus Chapter 11. All first born sons in every Egyptian family would die that night… after which Pharaoh would ask the Israelites to leave.

And he did! In Exodus Chapter 12 God explains the first passover to the Israelites and each year from one generation to the next generation the Israelites were told celebrate the Passover. This was a permanent law to the Israelite descendants forever…

Take a jump of a couple of thousand years to the very first Palm Sunday when Jesus and the disciples where headed for Jerusalem in time for the Passover… Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, amidst great celebration as the people laid their clothes on the road to make a path for him.

Well today was Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, and here are a couple of Palm Sunday Resources for kids:

But this week we explore some Passover Resources on the Web:


Hood #4 was inspired to make his own Seder Plate. We made a “very special seder platter” out of tin foil and then went searching google images for all the bits and pieces:

  1. A roast bone;
  2. A hard boiled egg;
  3. A horse-radish root;
  4. Charoset;
  5. An onion;
  6. Romaine Lettuce.

Then after a flurry of cutting and sticking he was done!

That’s it, have a great week and we hope you enjoy exploring the Passover as much as we did!

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