Se7en Make Poetry Notebooks…

Following on from our previous post: “Se7en do Poetry, Packed With Poetry Resources for Kids,” our art project this week was inspired by the book:


We got this book from the Picnic Basket to review. We totally loved this book by Lois Lowry. If you haven’t met Gooney Bird Greene before she is an exceptional student in a class of eccentrics grade 2’s. As the story wanders through the book a whole lot of poetry projects arise. Much as we loved the story and wanted to dash through it we had to read it slowly as we practiced each new type of poetry technique. It was great fun and we learnt a lot of poetry tricks including attempting to write limericks – which are very funny when they are good and terrible when they aren’t!!!

Once we were done we put our Gooney Bird Greene Poems into a poetry notebook, very quick and easy to make. This is what you are aiming for:


Step 1: We started with thick watercolor card and painted pictures from our favorite poems…


Step 2: And our covers were good to go.


Step 3: Some of us had poetry projects to quickly write up and finish.


Step 4: Then we gathered our poems together. Here a couple of sample from each poet.


And someone was trying a pun and scrawled chilli across the top of his poem – favorite food and it applies to the pool water – wahhahaha!




Step 5: We gathered our Scooby Do string and a punch. Punched holes in our stack of papers for each book.


Step 6: We threaded our books together and tied them closed.


Step 7: We were done and our poetry books were good to go.


Thanks to the Picnic Basket for another lovely book to review!

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