Se7en Eat Out At Jakes…

Actually it was only the father person and I, it happened again after years of going nowhere some friends came over to visit and we escaped! So for the second time in a couple of weeks the father person and I visited a local eatery – what else would we do with our free time!


So this is Jakes, a restaurant over the mountain from home… with real adult food in a real adult environment! We sat outdoors because it was a most glorious Autumn day.


This is the specials menu was up, and there real menu is online here:


So let me walk you through our menu:

  • For starters: we shared…
    • Tempura Prawns in crispy tempura batter with a sweet chili dipping sauce.


    • Cajun Calamari in a creamy cajun sauce served with Basmati Rice.


    We ranked the Prawns about a 7/10 but the calamari was a brilliant 10/10!!!

  • For Our Main Course we had steaks – yumm!
    • Marsala red wine and mushroom fillet:


    • Black mushroom cheddar and garlic sirloin:


    The steaks were brilliant, really, really, good! And they came with crispy potato wedges. We ordered a side of vegis, typical South African restaurant fare of creamed spinach and roast butternut.


  • Desserts: We shared a creme brulee, guess who chose that! We loved it of course! Why don’t they make ramekins bigger – I ask you!


  • Drinks to Go:

That’s it! Really great food but you will have to wait for it. By the time our steaks arrived we were ravenous. Once you have your steaks you may wait a bit more and wait and wait… At least another fifteen if not twenty minutes for your vegetables to arrive. Just how long can a steak last? But great, relaxed environment, brilliant presentation and fabulous food so we will have to forgive them for trying to starve us to death!!!

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