Articulated Beasts and Where the Wild Things Are Round-Up.

We get asked about “Where the Wild Things Are” Crafts a lot and it just so happens that we managed a really quick and easy one!!! But before we get going I thought I would pop in a few links to our other beastly crafts – all in one place and all that!

wild things.jpg

A fabulous quick and easy craft inspired by Where the Wild things Are. Trust me leave your kids with a pack of split pins and card and they will be occupied for hours – or until they run out of pins! This is what you are aiming for:


Let’s Meet The Players:


  • Markers
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Split Pins

Let’s Play The Game:

Step 1: We began with a mad marker frenzy. Even the shortest one had to partake in this step!



Step 2: Cutting and snipping!


Step 3: Then came the moment of deep concentration. I poked a hole wherever they needed them, using the sharp end of a pair of scissors. We tried a punch but the whole was too big… the scissors worked better and squeezing the pins through the card made the arms and legs swing better.


Step 4: And we were done… and we had a whole lot of wild beasts.