The Week that Was – 48

Ok we did have a couple of sunny days but mostly we are freezing to death and the rain is just bucketing down…


We did have one actual warm day, warm enough to read books on the cool tiles.


And then it got cold again so we read some more books.


I went to collect a parcel at the gate and there were a whole lot of ooh’s and aaah’s behind me – we had had a spectacular visitor! As usual no capturing of the actual wildlife on camera – but evidence of it – for sure!




We had other visitors round for Saturday pizzas and some zooming…


We made some bacon and egg pies – yum.


We made some skateboards – fun.


My quiet non-invasive de-cluttering continues as they clean their teeth in the morning. Just a quick zip through some spot of disaster. All inspired by the Organizing Junkie’s “Throw out Fifty things NOW.” What I don’t understand is it appears to me that nothing is coming in – hardly any shopping, but still the clutter is here. I am getting rid of fifty things a day, never mind fifty things full stop, and still there is stuff on our surfaces. OK I admit I am starting to dig a bit deeper and look for things – but after three weeks surely it should be getting harder to find goodies to give away! Not a chance… they are just erupting – I thought I would do it for a week or two, but no fear I after three weeks I am still going strong… Tell me other people have this problem – it can’t just be us… surely!


  1. We tackled the dresser – it deserves a repost! One bag of dud markers out, pencils well beyond their prime and long finished glue sticks – saved for ummm. Well it is just too far to drop them into the adjacent dirt bin!
  2. Stacks more art projects – never fear these are all photographed. But really we need a local old age home or something that would like a million paintings a week – thank goodness for recycling.
  3. A couple more unused kitchen goodies – we have heaps of cupboard space and the back of my cupboards tend to accumulate “gifts” that I feel bad to part with. But call it mad hormones or anything and suddenly I am having no problem – out they went. Honestly if it hasn’t been used since we moved into our house then it is unlikely that we will ever EVER use them – out!
  4. Another bag of clothes went out and now I just have to go through our hand-me-down bags and all our clothes will be sorted through. I love that – and clearly the end is in sight!
  5. One of our hoods has a shopping bag under their bed, that gets tidied up into. Well this was not a quick job!!! In fact it took about an hour. Boy amongst all the “treasure” that found its way into the garbage we came across socks, books, millions of lego’s and so on and on.
  6. My mom went for a hip replacement op and I needed some serious distraction while she was in surgery, so I tackled Hood #1’s drawers and my word was I distracted we took nearly all day – and my mom came through fine – I guess I am going to need some distractions during her rehab too – I knew their was a reason for keeping all theses “treasures.” Back too Hood #1’s stuff, we easily filled a bag of recycling, a bag of donate-ables and I can quite understand why Roald Dahl had a shed in the garden for writing… I think this chap needs a shed in the garden for stuff – he wouldn’t fit in it and would have to write on the roof.
  7. After that marathon I was a little put off!!! That’s what comes from taking on too much – really too much. But I need to help the other hoods through their drawers too and while I am at it will anyone who is reading this blog never ever give my kids a gift again… ever… ever!!! I am joking… but every piece of gift wrap is saved, every candy wrapper. Anyway the end is actually in sight and I have made a list of the last few spots to work through next week. Nothing like putting a resounding halt to a project – the list will be done. And hopefully my mom will be back home and hobbling around by then.

So onto the Hoods:

Hood #1: Led the way in yet another Lego extravaganza.


Hood #2: Did some more dismantling, this time the blender or rather ex-blender. He even let his brother chop the wires, since he had no need for them!


Hood #3: Decided it was her responsibility to get the girl children into bed while the boys have their nightly rampage – aaahhh girls!!! Ooooh! Boys!


They are reading one of our favorite books of all time and it has to be our book of the week. It is a golden book collection, featuring the illustrator Eloise Wilkin, whose books send me spinning back to my childhood! Who in the world doesn’t remember an Eloise Wilkin illustrated picture book with fond memories – they are such happy books to wander off to!


Hood #4: Knows how to dress for winter – can’t say the same for his younger brother.


Hood #5: Got sick of waiting for lunch while the big guys were taking their sweet time with school… And folks, this is why I live with a celebrity chef. I turned around to see what he was up to and here is lunch… he wasn’t actually zesting! But making a feta and freshly picked rosemary flat bread.


He also discovered post-it notes – a child after my own heart!!!


Hood #6: Discovered that I had made a supply of chocolate brownies and snuck the little guys off for a picnic in a sunny spot! Needless to say they had a great and private feast!!!


Hood #7: Did more school than most…


And in a post nap stupor couldn’t figure out how to eat that treat if both hands were holding onto the bowl.


That’s it – Have a great week!!!

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