A Marvelous, Magical, Brilliant, Bubbling Brew in Se7en Steps…

Oh this worked out so well! If you have any resident magicians armed with their hats and cloaks and wands (scroll all the way down the link to find out how), then they will love making this Brilliant, Bubbling Brew!


The great thing about this quick project is that it requires very few goodies that you most likely have lying around your kitchen. It filled a rainy afternoon for us, but would be just as good outdoors on a sunny day! It is very impressive and even the most reluctant partaker will be drawn into the fun. This is what you are aiming for:


Let’s Meet The Players:


  • A clean glass jar
  • White Vinegar – half a jars worth
  • Washing up liquid – just a dash
  • Bicarbonate of Soda – a teaspoonful is quite enough
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter

Let’s Play The Game:

Step 1:

Half fill your glass jar with white vinegar.


Step 2:

Add a dash of washing up liquid.



Step 3: Add a drop of food coloring to your brew…


Step 4: Gently Stir.


Step 5: Add a pinch of glitter to your jar.



Step 6: Add a spoon fill of bicarbonate of Soda to your brew…



Step 7: Watch and wait… But not for long!!!



Of course it wasn’t enough to watch it bubble over, we had to stir and mix it round – and this is why we did the whole event on baking trays!!!


You may or may not have a chemist amongst your short magicians, who needs to know the buzz: The bicarb and vinegar mix together making heaps and heaps of tiny bubbles. The bubbles do a great job of stirring the washing up liquid, which naturally foams – excessively!


That was really fun and nearly no work – even the clean up took two seconds with a rinse off in the sink!

32 Replies to “A Marvelous, Magical, Brilliant, Bubbling Brew in Se7en Steps…”

  1. This is how we explode home-made volcanoes, but how fun to do it in a glass jar so the kiddos can really see it happen!

  2. Hi K, You’re right: volcano’s in action… but you can see these and they were such fun and the mixing and swirling just added to the whole event! They really were impressive and magical with the glitter glittering!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  3. Hi There KM, this really is worth the minimal effort. Oh the ooohs and aaahs!!! And the “mess” was really not at all messy… really a valid project! Hope you guys have a great weekend together!

  4. We tried this today, it was a big hit. I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon! It’s so easy and as you say if you use a tray there is no mess to speak of!

  5. Oh wow – what is it with you/me/us? No, seriously … I keep planning the EXACT same activities for my kids (if a party theme also counts as an activity that is!) and then finding out that you’ve just done it!! LOL. Clearly I don’t follow your feed as regularly as I should! I’ve just finished making “rock-like” playdough for the Lunch Bunch kids to form a mountain around their purity jars to make a … yes… volcano! We finished reading aloud a great story around the time of Pompei’s disappearance, so this activity ties in nicely. And then, here I am, sitting down to catch up on feeds I’ve missed the past few days and discovered this post (I was completely misled by the teaser btw- thought it was some Macbeth thing or something!) – bizarre! You aren’t planning on making cinnamon buns soon? That’s also on the agenda for tomorrow! 😉 I’m glad to see your volcanos worked so well. You’ve given me an idea to let the kids choose their colours! I was going for boring red and orange.

    Taryn’s last blog post..excessively grateful?

  6. Hay T, That is funny and those are not volcanoes my darling… volcanoes are very old school in this house but by calling it magical brew and putting it in a jar instead of surrounding a bottle with mud, I got away with it!!! No we are not making cinnamon buns any time soon, any time at all!!! I have been meaning to for at least two years!!! No kidding it was one of the reasons we bought a bread machine. Needless to say you will not be stealing any thunder on that one – maybe you could even inspire my lazy bones!!!

  7. haha! You crafty mommy you! Well, I’ve just posted about our fun day – and I have a special link to some cinnamon bun-making tricks for you especially! 😉 Although, these days I like to keep my cinnamon buns closer together on the tray so that they bake all stuck together – mmmm!

    Taryn’s last blog post..excessively grateful?

  8. Hi T, looks like you guys had a fun time – wasn’t it great to have some sunshine!!! We have discovered donuts so cinnamon buns are really not on the horizon any time soon!!! Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

  9. Hi Emma, Red Ted Art introduced me to your site this week and I have to say I am loving it… lots of fun to see and do!!! So glad you enjoyed our post and hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  10. looks like lots of fun. just one question. you mention “washing up liquid”. do you mean for hands, dishes, clothes or does it really matter?

    can’t wait to try this with my kids

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks for asking – we used the liquid soap that we use for washing dishes. Hope that helps, have fun!!!

  12. I’d love to try this as part of a Halloween package. I’d have to pack it ahead of time, though. Any idea if I mix everything except the baking soda that the experiment will still work when it’s added a week or so later?

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