A Mother’s Almanac from Se7en – Best Baking…

This is the next installment in our Mother’s Alamanac from Se7en Series…

We started last week with Crafty Ideas…

And this week I thought I would post Se7en recipes a mother should have up her sleeve so to speak! The thing about these recipes is that there are no tricky steps. Basically your kids can master them, which is totally my plan!!!

Here you go:


  1. Chocolate Brownies to Die for in Se7en Steps: This is my quick throw together recipe… great to munch, great for gifting, great for dessert with cream or ice-cream. Just great!
  2. IMG_2307.JPG

  3. Jelly Bean Biscotti to Die For in Se7en Steps: I should make these for my family more because they last well… But I usually make them as a gift for family friends – they look so impressive and they are very more-ish!
  4. IMG_3175

  5. Brilliant Banana Bread to Die For in Se7en Steps: Everyone needs a recipe they can pull out the hat… this is mine.
  6. DSC04190.JPG

  7. Se7en Cookies From Basic Cookie Dough: We make these so often I could surely do it in my sleep.
  8. 3267191939_3fb56096a2_m

  9. The Quickest Easiest Cake in the World in se7en Steps: We have several birthdays round here! And often the celebration spreads over days and we need a quick instant cake – This is it!
  10. DSC01304

  11. Quickest Crunchie Bars in Se7en Steps: This is our dash out the door breakfast recipe… Oats on the run!
  12. DSC01457

  13. Chocolate Fridge Cake in Se7en Steps: This is so quick and adaptable… well worth a mention on the Se7en of the Best List!

I popped this post onto the Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

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  1. Hi M. Thanks for commenting! Those last ones are divine!!! Any day is a good day for these! Take care and have a great week!

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