Sunday Snippet: The Book of Ruth and a GiveAway…

The Story of Ruth is one of those that is just lovely to share with your kids. We love it, and can read over and over again! It is only four chapters long – a very quick read and you can easily read it in a sitting.


On a first glance it appears that the Book of Ruth is a romance tossed amongst the historical books of the Bible. There amidst the sagas of Judges, Samuel and Kings sits this four chapter book (and fewer pages) all about Ruth and her eventual marriage to Boaz. A second glance quite clearly demonstrates that Ruth was not some accidental tourist tripping through Boaz’s fields for gleanings. She was a non-Israelite in a distant land that God required for his plan in the family line of King David and ultimately Jesus.

This brings new meaning to random events. She had been through a miserable time, followed her mother-in-law by faith to a distant land and completely different culture. She was poverty stricken and had to really work for their basic food and yet she was the great great… great grandmother of Jesus. Even so, her life was a trial, it was hard, it was tough – she wasn’t given special privileges in fact she seemed to have been given a tougher load to bear than most. Not just anyone belonged in the dynasty, they were carefully chosen for their role and lets face it Ruth was a woman of faith!


Our GiveAway is another Day One Book, thanks to Christian Book Discounters. If I were ever to write a book then this is the sort of book I would so love to write a book. It has Snippets to read, Application blocks with examples that would apply to their lives, Think Tank Questions at the end of each chapter, and a couple of puzzles at the end of the book.

This book is geared towards kids – everyone in my house from Hood #3 up would love this book. This book is a kids/teen Bible Study Guide through the book of Ruth. It would be great for a group Bible Study or a study on their own. There are not a lot of Bible study resources for kids this age – most of them are topical and raise topics my kids haven’t even thought of yet. Really this is a good one, grab it!

I love the way the book guides the reader through the story of Ruth and explains the meaning of words and names within the book, providing depth and understanding to the story. It explains that Boaz didn’t have the perfect Israelite heritage either – his mother was Rahab after all! Yet through a series of events Boaz, under God’s direction manages rescued her from a life of poverty and despair!

Here are some things to do with your kids while you are reading the Book of Ruth:

As usual I have to thank Christian Book Discounters who kindly supplied the books for this GiveAway…


The GiveAway works in the usual way, comment before the end of this coming Friday and I will draw and publish the winner next week on Sunday! – I won’t respond to your comments as I usually do because I don’t want to be included in our own giveaway!!! Good luck and get commenting!

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  1. Looks like a fascinating book. I remember reading somewhere about the stories of Ruth and Esther – assessment of their beauty and how highly they score as good stories from a literary point of view. I just love the way the Bible has a take on every subject – a wide variety – and excellent literature to boot!

  2. This book looks like a great one! I’ve always loved the book of Ruth and have read it dozens of times! It would be fun to do a study on it with my daughter.

  3. I’d love to get hold of this book especially if it explains words and names in the story. I’ve already decided that if I don’t win the giveaway, I’ll still get it for myself.

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