Happy Birthday Hood#1 and Se7en of the Best…

Hay Hood #1:

Reader of books:


Inventor of gadgets:


Flyer of kites:


Blower of Bubbles:


Happy Birthday to You!


How did it happen so fast!!!

From zero:


To twelve:


Here are Se7en of your Best:

  1. Favorite Book: Dragonology.
  2. CE56C947-83D6-4879-BD67-BD20DDEB3EF9.jpg

  3. Favorite Movie: Wall-E.
  4. 83C4687F-BB63-4B78-B160-747D05CBB402.jpg

  5. Favorite Meal: Hamburgers and Ice-cream, at the Diner, and Hawaiian Pizza.
  6. DSC05801DSC04990

  7. Favorite Outing: The beach for construction.
  8. DSC06186

  9. Favorite Author: Shakespeare.
  10. 5B02C78A-1EA0-4527-A4A1-45092312873C.jpg

  11. Favorite Collectable: Gadgets.
  12. DSC05828

  13. Favorite Occupation: Lego Construction.
  14. IMG_3087

Hope you have a great year!!!

9 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood#1 and Se7en of the Best…”

  1. Hi S, Yup and before I blink I will be living with a heap of lanky teens… I tell you days happen one at a time but time flies when you have kids!!!

  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday Hood #1!!! I wish I could come read Shakespeare and blow bubbles and eat Hawaiian pizza (my favourite!) with you. I hope this year is the best one yet! Much love!!

  3. Hi L – again! Yup we actually have a long weekend and I think a lot of reading and eating of pizza will ensue!!! lots of love to you!!!

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