The Celebrity Chef Turns Five!!!

Happy Birthday Celebrity Chef.


Four Was Fun


We hope Five is a Fabulous Year!!!



We know its hard work being a celebrity chef!


What else do you like to do? Painting, arting and garden stuff.


What’s your favorite outing? I love the flowers at Chart Farm but I will settle for a swim at the beach.


Tell us about your socks: Well they are on aren’t they! Did you ever wear two socks that match? What does it mean that socks match? (Therein lies the problem!!!).


What would you like to do for your birthday? Well could James come over and make chocolate fudge cake? James might be a bit busy but we could make chocolate fudge cake together.


Have a great year, with lots of wonderful chef-ing… We can’t wait to try out all your new tastes and flavors!!!

11 Replies to “The Celebrity Chef Turns Five!!!”

  1. Happy birthday to no. 5.
    As I said before, it’s a very busy birthday time for you guys! Hope he had lots of baking fun.

  2. Happy birthday hood #5!! I wish I could have come over to join in the chocolate fudge cake-baking; it sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂 (By the way, you have made me a fan of James – I asked for his cookbook for my birthday!) I hope this year is the best one yet!!

  3. Hi L, see you had a good blog browse last night! Glad you are enjoying the pictures of #8… Hope you have a fabulous birthday with lots of love from all your friends in Cape Town.

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