The Week That Was – 2.14

A Great Week That Was – Sunny, Warm and Spring has Sprung!!!


We waited and waited, we read and read, and some of us napped!!!

And finally Hood #8 arrived.


And this dominated everything else that went on…

We read some more:


And one of us napped…


Friends bought us fabulous meals…


And one of us napped…


School carried on as usual. The mother person directed from the couch. Actually not as usual there was absolutely no enthusiasm… But we finished out the week and we are now officially on spring break – Yea!!!


And one of us peeped at the world…


The house filled up with flowers!!!


And one of us had a closer look…


Hood #1: Plotted and planned his lego spring break.


Hood #2: Instigated the first swim of summer… writhing chaotic fun!!! Bring on summer!!!


Hood #3: Opened a book store packed with books: anything you choose as long as it is pink or ponies!!!


Hood #4: Discovered he could read Richard Scarry on his own. Oh the heady freedom!!!


Hood #5: Had a fabulous birthday packed with chocolate fudge cake – once a chef always a chef!!!


Hood #6: Totally loved the flowers in the house!!! And coerced her big sister into all sorts of escapades!!!


Hood #7: Assembled the girls on the couch for numerous meetings!!! And “no” is definitely the new “yes”… Would you like your cup: No… thank-you, would you like to read a book… No. This one? and so on!!!


Hood #8: Kept us all on our toes, while he mostly napped… and stayed up all night just to make sure that we didn’t forget what life is like with a new born!!!


That’s us, Have a Good Week!!!

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.14”

  1. Oh, how fun, and he’s too cute! I love other people’s newborns. Was never a great fan of my own, but when I can give them back? Oh, yeah. All about that. I got to hold a 2mo in church today, who when she blew out her diaper, and I smiled sweetly, kissed her head, and handed her over to Mom. Have a relaxing Spring Break- we’re just heading into our school year.

  2. Hi M… I must be in the thick of it!!! Because other newborns might be cute but mine lool totally perfect to me… Now I know they may not be that cute honestly, but my eyes are somewhat jaded!!! You have a good week!!!

  3. Hi H… I can never ever see a family resemblance between my kids – I assume they are weirdly different!!! Though sometimes this #8 does remind me if his older siblings and I look again and he was just acting and is back to being himself!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ooooooh, look at that sweet, sweet baby!!
    He’s so beautiful!!

    And – lol, mine look totally different from eachother, too, and neither one look to me like my husband or myself. ??
    Go figure.

  5. Aunty K & I have decided we don’t know who he looks like but he’s definitely one of the hoods! Thanks for all of the pictures – it’s helping us feel a little bit like we’re there!

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