Saturday Spot: Our Keyhole Garden Continues…

A couple of weeks ago we posted a series of posts on our Keyhole Garden… and this is what it looks like right now…


  1. Saturday Spot: Our Virtual Keyhole Garden.
  2. DSC04049

  3. Saturday Spot: Our Keyhole Garden Begins…
  4. DSC04067

  5. Saturday Spot: The Keyhole Garden Continued…

And we left it planted up and we haven’t really thought about it in the last couple of weeks. We have had a distraction!!!


We had some leftover plants that didn’t fit into the garden and we planted them in a couple of pots. And to be quite honest they just haven’t flourished like the keyhole garden plants.


I think it is all about the steady stream of scraps and peels that get dropped into the compost chute…


Which turns into fabulous compost overnight…


So tonight we had salad from our Keyhole Garden – great excitement, there is talk of a lettuce farm!!!


Lettuce, celery, chives and parsley…


Our tomatoes aren’t ready yet so we grabbed some tomatoes and a pepper form our vegi box…


And there you go:


Salad for supper:


And since I haven’t posted a picture of our kitchen sink for a while: Here’s ours for this week and no we weren’t the only one enjoying all the fresh greens.


And yes those, large slimy footed creatures, follow all the resident snakes into the neighbors. They are not quite as aerodynamic as the snakes but I just can’t stand to crush them!!!

Hope you are having a nice lazy weekend!

7 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Our Keyhole Garden Continues…”

  1. Just a quick note to say thank you again for the creation books! I got them Saturday!! They made it all the way to China. My boys especially enjoyed seeing the South Africa stamps! We will start reading them this week in our “school” at home. Blessings on your family, the newest is so sweet.

  2. Oh Wow D!!! I thought it would take months to get to you!!! And you have it already… I am so glad you got them and I hope you enjoy them!!!

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