Saturday Spot: Coffee – Vida Is It…

Did I ever mention that we love coffee…

If we have to go out for coffee then our favorite spot, by far, is Vida…

Quite simply a mother person needs encouragement before facing that monthly shop!


So while we have coffee the hoods have Chocolate Quente (hot chocolate) and I had a Chocolate Frio (basically an iced hot chocolate)… I would have taken a photograph of my brilliant beverage but it vaporized before I could press the click button on my camera… just vaporized!!


Today as a reward for a week well done we headed out for hot chocolates and coffee…


Let me explain: The hot chocolate is made with milk and Lindt stirred through with a puff of cream on top… None of this powdered, canned, stuff, it is the real thing!!! And look there is a block of Lindt with every beverage. Did I mention the cream!!!


And Mr. Oblivious even opened half an eye, but just half an eye!!!


We never managed the monthly shop, we’ll just have to go back again!!!

Meanwhile, just take a peak at the menu and have a virtual coffee!!!

No-one was injured during either the writing or preparation of this blog, unless you consider artery damage… Neither were we sponsored in any way to say such nice things about Vida… they are simply our best. After some serious reconsideration, corporate sponsorship in the hot-chocolate department wouldn’t be such a bad idea!!!

8 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Coffee – Vida Is It…”

  1. I remember getting a similar hot chocolate in Ecuador when I went there back during the summer of 1989. They served hot milk and a pour syrup that you mixed into the milk and then the fancy places had dollops of whipped cream to put on top. Best hot chocolate that I had EVER had.

    Hood #8 is such a cutie! Don’t you just love those one eyed half grins at this age. LaRue just melts my heart every time she does it. Can’t bare to put her down until my shoulders ache even with a sling. LOL I know you’re loving every minute.

  2. aaahhh Vida!
    we are very very very regulars at our local one. if we’re not there at twice in a week, they worry about us!

    we LOVE Vida!!!

    they are the absolute best!

  3. Hi R, Isn’t it funny how some treats survive in our memories forever!!! I am so glad you are enjoying your little one!!! Have a lovely week together!!!

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