A Mothers Almanac: A Cake Collection

Well I haven’t written A Mother’s Almanac Post for weeks and weeks and since believe it or not yesterday was not only Thanksgiving day it was also National Cake Day in the United States I thought I would give you a quick cake round-up… If you are looking for birthday cakes then head straight for the end of the post!!!

  1. The Quickest Easiest Cake in the World in se7en Steps:

    This cake is not the lightest brightest cake for tea with royalty… but it is the quickest cake and great for last minute guest preparation not to mention perfect for tea time in “an under the bed fort” or an “almost instant tree house adventure.” It is brilliant with jelly and custard.

  2. DSC08410

  3. Bruce Bogtrotter Cake To Die For in Se7en Steps:

    This is a chocolate cake sensation. Trust me it is so rich and packed with chocolate that it could quite literally be life-changing!!!

  4. IMG_0251

  5. Yummy Lemon Filled Sponge Roll Cake in Se7en Steps:

    We don’t always feel like chocolate and this lemony sponge roll is perfect the bite of the lemon is just hmmmm!!!

  6. DSC03198

  7. 7-Up Cake in Se7en Steps:

    There are certain hoods who claim this as their favorite – it helps that we got the recipe from a best friend!!!

  8. DSC00513

  9. The Celebrity Chef Tries Jamie Oliver’s Mega Chocolate Fudge Cake in Se7en Steps… Pass It On Recipe:

    If you can’t decide if you are in need of chocolate or fudge then this is the cake to bake – just both delights at the same time.

  10. DSC06405

  11. The Celebrity Chef Makes Chocolate Brownie Cake in Se7en Steps:

    Now sometimes you just need a chocolate brownie cake, seriously this cake is good for movie nights, for reading a good book and just good comfort food.

  12. DSC08141

  13. Party Food and Especially Party Cakes. and Se7en Bazzillion Cake Ideas:

    And then there are birthdays, the one thing that every child remembers from every party is “The Cake” it is far more important than any activity or jumping castle. And yet kids are extremely forgiving (or imaginative) and if you tell them your collapsed cake is a castle they will go with you on it – trust me I have close to fifty of just my kids parties under my belt (12 + 10 + 8 …) and kids are very forgiving!!!

  14. IMG_6697IMG_7316

That’s it… Have some cake baking fun and a great weekend!!!

7 Replies to “A Mothers Almanac: A Cake Collection”

  1. Se7en — rather off the topic, but a while ago you mentioned using Wecesin wound powder on your newest for treating the umbilical cord …. my number 4 is due early Jan and I just cannot find it!!! even tried an online hunt … where do you buy yours? please help!!

  2. I wished I known about the wecesin powder before…..

    I’ve baked the quickest easiest cake = and it was quick, easy and yummy… can’t wait to try out the other recipes…. due to renovation, i’ve been without a kitchen (and stove) for 3 months now… only 2 weeks to go….

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