Se7en visit the Foresters Arms…

The Father Person will bring me flowers today. He always does on 1 December. Because about a million years ago when we were young we officially got engaged on 30 November/1 December.


In brief: Went on a five day hike with some friends and after long and arduous wandering he said to me: “You have to marry me.” And I said: “OK.” That’s it – “unofficially engaged.” I said I was being brief! And if you need the full and convoluted story then pop over to the Otter Trail in the Se7en Significant Hikes Post to read all the gory details…

Now if you know the father person then you would know that “unofficially” is just not good enough for him, he needs a bended knee moment and a ring. Little did he know how fussy I was about things like rings. Oh the pressure, you are only going to buy a ring once it has to be totally perfect!

Weeks later (actually I have no idea how much later) he had his moment. Ring chosen. He whipped me out for pizza to our first pizza spot – see he is nice like that, he remembers stuff. (Wish I was the same don’t ever ask me our anniversary date!!!). And since I am being brief then you can read more about our official engagement in this post: Happy Anniversary… and Se7en Wedding Tips!!!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion the father person treated us to Sunday Lunch at The Foresters Arms. Which is the same pub that we had our wedding reception at – in the olden days when we were young…

So here is the Foresters Arms, Forries for short… in all its Sunday Lunch glory…


This is where the people sit:


And then in a shady green garden to the side, this is where the people with kids sit:


Give me kids!!! And here is flash peep at the menu…


And here is the table waiting for lunch:


And the celebrity chef waiting for the same:


Here we go: chicken and chips, spaghetti, steak roll, burgers.


And one person, who shall remain out of the picture, had mussels – Hmmmmmmm. Yes I do judge an eatery by its mussels!!! Brilliant!!!


Stopped by the carvery as well – roast heaven on a plate, and when I told them that our entire meal was R12.95 (under $2.) per person – way back in the olden days. Their mouths hung open and then their were gasps of: “This is not possible.” Now you know it was really a while back!!!


Anyway lunch was fabulous – always has been, and since I grew up a block from Forries I consider myself to be an expert on their cuisine!!! Otherwise it was very kid friendly with lots of careful parenting going on and a couple of wild hoods on the loose!!! I am sure they are supposed to be on the jungle gym and not clambering in the shady trees above it, but like my youngest child I can be fairly oblivious too!!!


And the funniest thing of all, from a non-reading hood: “Why would they hurt that poor tree by nailing that sign to it.” Then I had to explain all about the price one has to pay sometimes for self-protection!!!


So here we go many many years after our official engagment, Se7en +1 of my favorite people in the world, out for Sunday lunch with their father person.


Thanks to Forries for the great Sunday lunch, not to mention the great wedding reception in the olden days when we were young. And thanks to the father person for remembering things, not to mention the impending flowers!!!

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21 Replies to “Se7en visit the Foresters Arms…”

  1. Oh, how great! Happy engagement anniversary!
    The food looks wonderful. It reminded me that I have yet to have breakfast!
    Thanks for sharing this post:)

  2. I got hung up on the “5 day hike” sentence. Any couple feeling energetic/still friendly enough to get engaged after 5 days of hiking is destined for success. Congratulations!

  3. Mmm! Your posts always make me so hungry.

    Congratulations on your engagement date! A good husband is a gift from God.

    December first is also my birthday, this year my 40th. Mr. Knitter is taking Little Knitter and me to supper, which I hope will prove to be as tasty as your Forries looks! Blessings, Sleepy

  4. Hi S – Five Day Hikes are definitely a thing of a past!!! This really was in the olden days when we were young!!! Thanks for stopping by – I am off to look at your 30-minute post now!

  5. Hi there, Thanks for stopping by – I always forget that the other side of the world is having breakfast when we are having our supper!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  6. Hurray for husbands and flowers!

    A wonderful postcard arrived in Otego, New York, U.S.A., today. Thanks, Hoods! One will be coming your way soon!

  7. Hi L, I am so glad to hear that folk are getting there postcards – yay yay yay!!! I thought they would take so much longer to get to the far side of the world! Have a good day!!!

  8. Great story, here’s to husbands that remember! Every year on our wedding anniversary, my dh wears the clothes he wore as a going away outfit at our wedding + wedding tie. I have to confess that there are some years where I haven’t noticed. Happy Anniversary.

  9. At least your husband remembers mine seems to forget Valentine’s, Anniversary, Birthdays. I had my birthday a couple of weeks back it was a Saturday and nobody, nor my husband or the kids remembered. Then a friend of mine phoned me to wish me a Happy Birthday around noon and they came in running and shouting Happy Birthday. So I acted really upset but the best part was until that phone call I had also forgoten it was my birthday…

  10. Hi S – You forgot your own birthday!!! That’s hysterical!!! In our family I am the forgetful one… I leave things to the last minute (too late) and basically forget to plan because I forget the entire event!!! That’s me, not exactly faultless!!! You have a fun day!

  11. An old lady once told me that she always reminded her husband about her birthday in the week running up to it. That way, no one is embarrassed and no one gets upset! I think that is excellent advice and I follow it every year! I think children also like the excitement that precedes an event … like a birthday. I just figure that if someone is not that great in a certain department, then it’s important to help them along! My husband does remember my birthday each year but I still don’t take any chances!!!

  12. Hi S, What a brilliant idea – just as soon as I find out when the father person’s birthday is I am going to let you know!!! Have a great fun day!!!

  13. Congratulations on another milestone reached and for being remembered.
    PS i can “see” what fun!
    Much Love!

  14. Hi Aunty Muffin – So Glad you can see the pics – AT LAST!!! And so glad you are safe and sound on the far side of the world!!! Lots of love we miss you already…

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