The Week That Was – 2.25

Hay, can you tell it’s summer!!!


The wind has been howling, but that is summer in Cape Town for you!!! We spent some time watching the waves crash over the harbor wall.


After last weeks outings and shopping and feasting this week we spent in doing crafts and preparing gifts and what not… our house looks like a bomb totally hit it!!!


But everyone is happy not to mention we have one flimsy week of school to go. Everyone is thrilled least of all me – I am so desperate to clear little projects off shelves and repack school books where they belong and go to the library and read mountains of books and… just one more week (and it is a very flimsy week – but nobody knows that they have actually finished their maths and grammar and it is teeny tiny bits and pieces that need to be finished!!!


And baking cookies for our cookie swap… and just in case you think we are totally together we completely forgot to buy a Christmas tree!!! Our friends that always help us decorate it the Saturday before Christmas are away and well we never gave it a thought!!! Can you believe there is NO tree. Needless to say we will have to address this small problem!!!


Meanwhile since the father person is on leave we have been braaing and making roosterkoek… and all I have to do is make a salad for supper!!! And I just love how layers of salad become a mixed salad with one scoop of the spoons!!!


There was some sort of beanie revival and a lot of playing with elves:


And we watched a movie… well I watched the Hoods watching a movie because it is very entertaining!!!



And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: The Garden Service came…


Hood #2: Did school on high…


Hood #3: Carried on with the sewing spree.


Hood #4: Worked very hard on a project – watch it get published later this week!!!


Hood #5: Ate a lot of ice-lollies!!!


Hood #6: Practised her parkour.


Hood #7: Did a whole heap of baking… baking, baking, baking.


Hood #8: Is still pretty oblivious…


He is still being beholden…


And isn’t he totally cute!!!


And he isn’t always oblivious…


That’s us!!! Have a Great Week…

Ooooh And thank-you to all of you have gone shopping through our Amazon links lately, which means some nice vouchers for us… I will be packing my kindle with some new goodies to read and let you know how they are going!!!

4 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.25”

  1. hi

    I received my Kindle on Friday…. what a nice little gadget. actually it is a present for hubby, but I’ve already bought a few books for myself.

  2. Hi D, Oh I am so excited for you!!! Watch out, you may have to save up and buy another for yourself. I am totally loving mine, more now than before as I have gotten used to it!!! I got a cover for it and now I can take it anywhere and read whatever I feel like… the choices!!! Hope you giuys have fun with yours!!! Have a good week…

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