Se7en Tie-Dye Just About Anything… The Ultimate Tie-Dye Guide!!!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without Tie-dyes, and since we are sweltering away we have had a week of tie-dying… Also, it is that time of year when we are crafting and arting and creating gifts and goodies… not to mention gift wrapping, packaging and gift tags. Now I love a theme and the further we got into our project I realized there was a whole lot more to tie-dying than just dunking a t-shirt…


  1. T-shirts: I know everyone must own a tie-dye t-shirt, surely!!! And here is how it’s done.
  2. DSC00515DSC00517DSC00535DSC00541DSC00553DSC00555DSC00542DSC00543DSC00563DSC00558

  3. Other apparel: Socks, shoe laces, bandanas, lanyards… Basically if you can wrap an elastic around an item and dip it in dye you can tie dye it!!!
  4. DSC09785DSC09645DSC09784


  5. Gift Wrap: This is brilliant fun and so easy: Use absorbent paper like newsprint. fold it up – any old way will do, and wrap elastics around the paper really tight. Dip your paper into food coloring and leave the paper in the color long enough to absorb the color. Toss your colorful bundles in the sun to dry and when they are dry enough unfold them for some magic!!!
  6. DSC09629DSC09630DSC09634DSC09635DSC09636DSC09637DSC09638DSC09639DSC09643DSC09644DSC09646DSC09648DSC09649



  7. More Gift Wrap: String painting and Marble painting (even tiny people can have great results with limited mess for this!)also look nice and bright and mixed like tie-dyes.
  8. DSC09774DSC09780DSC09782DSC09783DSC09781DSC09777DSC09779DSC09778




  9. Gift Tags: We needed smaller bits of paper to make gift tags so we made some mini-marble papers… Spray some shaving foam into a food tray, drip dots of food coloring onto it, twirl the colors around with a skewer. When you are ready drop your blank card onto the mixture, carefully lift the paper out and leave it to dry.
  10. DSC09624DSC09625DSC09626DSC09627DSC09628DSC09691DSC09692


  11. Gift Packages: Whip up some mini-pinatas using brightly colored tissue paper… You could even use your tie-dye paper.
  12. DSC09789DSC09795DSC09834DSC09835


  13. Tie-Dye Cake: When all else fails and you can no longer face another elastic band then it is time for tie-dye cake. Make a batch of the quickest easiest cake in the world, divide the batter into as many bowls as you have colors. Add a dash of food coloring to each bowl and put blobs of each color into the baking pans. Finally stir through your mixture with a skewer, whirl it and twirl it and bake your cake in the usual way.
  14. DSC09825DSC09826DSC09828DSC09829DSC09830DSC09832DSC09833




That’s it… Ready yourself for some colorful hands!!!

I popped this post onto the Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

24 Replies to “Se7en Tie-Dye Just About Anything… The Ultimate Tie-Dye Guide!!!”

  1. Wow. How fun! How do you like having warm weather for Christmas? It seems such a strange concept to me here in the High Plains of America. lol. I suppose you’d get used to it, though. 🙂

    OH! And a side note: I have tried to mail your family a postcard only to have the postal carriers deliver it back to me instead of to the TO address!!! AH! Anyway, it’ll get there eventually. Promise.

  2. Hi S, We know no better… hot sweltering Christmas it is. When I was one my folks had a Christmas in Europe… I must say our postcards are very slow to get to us!!! We have four so far… but we did take a long time to send them and it is a busy time of year!!! Hope you have a lovely cool weekend!!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to tie-dye t-shirts for YEARS! Seeing those pictures only makes me want to do it even more. Maybe this summer…

  4. Hi M, It is one of those projects that you have to just take the leap and it is so worthwhile doing… but that first step gets me every time!!! Hope you and your family have a good weekend…

  5. Hi G, I can’t believe he is almost one it is just like yesterday we were all rallying around for him!!! Hope you and all your guys are having a fun weekend!!!

  6. Oh my I love all the ideas – especially the tie dye gift wrap paper! We are SO doing this. Brilliant!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty again!

  7. Hay Maggy, So happy to join in!!! And the gift wrap paper is very fun and so pretty!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  8. O my Gosh! You went all over town with tie dye! Such brilliant ideas and the photos – WOW! We are definitely borrowing a couple of these. Thank you for sharing on Mommy Labs 🙂

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