Saturday Spot: Se7en’s “Survival of the Season” Spot…

This is a mad time of year when folk can get caught up in all sorts of projects. It is so easy to lose perspective and go madly insane with to do lists. We can get so busy that we forget to take the time just to be, and especially just to be with the people we love the most. A couple of weeks ago we showed you our “Grand Entrance.” Up the stairs and to the right…


Since then we have put our old couch at the top of the stairs, up the stairs and to the left, and what a life saver it is!!!


Why didn’t I think of this sooner, like years ago!!!


A touch of morning sun but mostly lovely shade through the broiling heat of summer. A couple of candles:


And story-time has relocated:


The kids are reading stories and I am reading my Kindle… A chapter for me a story for them, a chapter for me and a story for them…interspersed with a couple of naps.


Reading, reading, reading…



I adjourn there after lunch and just being there in the afternoon means everyone nows where to find me… and I get a number of visitors, lots of lovely chats and funny events, lots of lectures, lots of stories but a picture tells a thousand million words..

Hood #1:


Hood #2:



Hood #3:


Hood #4:


Hood #5:



Hood #6:


Hood #7:


Finally, Hood #8 is in his office:


Just look at this cute guy – no longer oblivious!!!


Now this is the way to spend the summer.

Meanwhile, Big Red Kitchen very kindly nominated us for a Homie Award at Apartment Therapy, madness I know (!!!), but go and look at all the yummy blogs in the Kids at Home Section… and vote for the ones you like the best!!! Really the fun homes you so wished you lived in!!!

Our couch was featured on Apartment Therapy!!! Follow the link to read their post…. Love it!!!

12 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en’s “Survival of the Season” Spot…”

  1. OK, me being nosey again but is it a covered area? Otherwise how do you avoid the rain? Well maybe it does not rain as much in CP as in GP in summer…

  2. Hi S, I just noticed my reply to your rain question slipped through the cracks… We do get a dash of rain – about one drop a month!!! This is a winter rainfall area. And I discover after years of being precious with my couch, “don’t spill, don’t drip, don’t drop” that it dries almost instantly after rain and has yet to leave a mark. We are literally 2 seconds from the beach so sometimes we get a crisp cold see breeze – and suddenly it is a really good spot to snuggle. Win/Win I should have done this years ago. Have a good week!!!

  3. It sounds wonderful but we get tons of rain up here and we battle to even dry off stuff in Summer. My tumble drier just decided to die off and the washing machine is not spining properly. Most days we will get a couple of hours of sunshine in the afternoons and then the kids enjoy a swim. This year has been quite wet. Take Care…

  4. Hi S, The joy of a Cape Town climate… but I must say after two months with only a spit of rain, and collecting dishwater to water the occasional plant we could do with a Jo-burg downpour, I know our grass would love it – And the kids would go mad for some dancing in the rain!!! Sorry about your tumble!!! Try and have a good day, while coping with damp washing!!!

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