The Week That Was – 2.29

So here we are mid-summer and boiling heat:


And we are lurching from one watermelon feast to the next.



The rock is by far the best spot for pip spitting competitions.


And a hideous shark event has left our beach empty.

The postcards are coming…


And we were gifted!!! What a lovely surprise !!! Thank-you so much to our friends in the Netherlands.


And a whole lot of beanies babies arrived from friends in the States… definitely the week of packages.


Not to mention our Zoobs were returned to us… and the warranty replacing broken Zoobs is clearly for Americans only.


Otherwise we read some books…



I didn’t sort my desk on National (U.S.A.) clear off your desk day, but I did sort out our wire drawer.


We visited some bonsai:


And poked around a farmyard…


Our book of the week will have to be a collection of books that have kept my kids so quiet that it is alarming!!! Frankly this guy can’t be beat for instilling absolute and concentrated silence!!!!


The Hoods got up to all sorts of holiday stuff… nearly nothing!!!

Hood #1: Kept our house supplied with bugs…


Hood #2: Slept late every morning and did some well interesting morning stretches.


And has been on a garden frenzy of note…


Hood #3: She was very happy to help make chips for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.


Let’s just say her efforts were appreciated!!!


Hood #4: Is raining teeth!!!


Hood #5: Is no longer just our chef… he has taken on the roll of lunch time caterer… with grilled cheese for everyone…


And some rock-surfing!?!


Hood #6: Took the task of an acorn world to heart…



And kept an eye on her parsley.


Hood #7: Turned terribly two!!!


And went swinging to celebrate:


Hood #8: Helped with the laundry…


Discovered tea-towels…


And intriguing boxes:


And went shopping with his dad… not really!!!


And was generally adored:


That’s us, another busy week in Africa. Tell us what you are getting up to right now… Just because we love to hear from you!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.29”

  1. Gah! I read the article about the shark attack. How scary! Glad you guys are okay, though.

    What a fun week you had! Happy Birthday to Hood #7! And I had to laugh at Hood #8 in the shopping bag. It is a favorite thing of my husband’s to do random things like putting our sleeping infant into a bag and carrying that. Close to the ground, of course, and never for very long. I remind him that our child is not a toy-dog and we are not celebrities. LOL.

    Happy Sabbath!

  2. Hi S, That’s what father person’s are for!!! My kids have been popped in boots, hats whatever… lots of fun!!! You have a great day too!!!

  3. I’ve never figured out why the two’s are terrible, except that it rhymes, the 3’s were always the worst for my lot.

    We found a whole set of ‘where’s waldo’ books at our local library book store, we brought them home of course! and later we found waldo puzzles — what fun!

  4. Hi G, We just love Waldo!!! My kids are going to be thrilled I found a website!!! And you are so right about being three is far harder than being two…!!! Have a Great Week!!!

  5. WHAT A fantastically fun and lively WEEK!!!!!!

    I’m with Gracie– terrible twos don’t even compare to _________ threes?! How would you fill in that blank mama?

    Those acorns are darling darling darling!

  6. Hi K-M, Let’s not mention the three’s!!! I tell you no one is as: well, um, trying (!) as a three year old in full fiery swing!!! No the “twos” are great!!! I can’t believe I don’t have two under two at the moment!!! Totally love your laundry, how cute is that … you are so good at details. Thanks for Linking… Have a great week, you all!!!

  7. So you CAN use chopped chocolate for chips? I wanted to do this once but thought the chocolate would just melt and would ruin everything.

    How about ‘thundering’ threes? It would suit mine well since he’s dinosaur mad at the mo’.

  8. Hay O, Yes I believe in pure good quality chocolate… none of these chips with mysterious ingredients for us – thank-you very much!!! Have a great day!!!

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