Saturday Spot: Maynardville, Shakespeare under the stars…

We live with a Shakespeare addict! It all began when he was about five and you can follow his journey from comic books to the real thing in this past post. By the time he was six he had devoured Shakespeare and we have lived with his quotable quotations ever since…


Grab your tickets:


Because, once a year he takes a trip with the father person to Maynardville, which is Cape Town’s Open Air Summer Shakespeare…


Where he mumbles his way, line by line, through the play of the year!!!


There are lawns where you can have a picnic supper beforehand – that’s if your mother person gave it a thought!!!


And then as it gets dark you head for the open-air theatre:


The first year he went he saw: Macbeth and never looked back. The next year was Much Ado About Nothing; Then Twelfth Night; Romeo and Juliet; The Merchant of Venice and last year was As You Like It… If he keeps going he may just get through the whole repertoire. This year was Anthony and Cleopatra, that would be their boat floating down the Nile…


This outing is not for the faint-hearted, it does get cold – even though it is mid-summer and it goes on way into the night, no chance of escape before way after eleven. If you are in Cape Town during January or February and you live with a Shakespeare buff then this would definitely be the outing of choice!!!

16 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Maynardville, Shakespeare under the stars…”

  1. A boy after my own heart. I adore Shakespeare! What a fun Father/Son outing! I would love to one day talk my hubby into seeing a play with me…but I’ve no clue where to find one! Thats living in the middle of nowhere for you. I’ll still hope, though…and live vicariously through people like your son in the meantime. 🙂

  2. Hi S, Yea the advantages and disadvantages of living in the middle of nowhere!!! Luckily you can live through “Hood 1” – Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. Oh, how I would love to be there to see Shakespeare with the guys. I adore Shakespeare as well as the rest of our family. We did Shakespeare in the Park on the lawn of Forest Park in St. Louis for many years when we lived in St. Louis. Always a glorious time and couldn’t wait until next year. We would bring all kinds of food and have a massive picnic with our friends and then watch with amazement as the night grew darker and cooler and we were mesmerized. We miss you all. With all our love, Aunty Kathy

  4. Hay Aunty Kathy, How fantastic to hear from you!!! There is indeed something magical about staying up late and Shakespeare under the stars!!! We all miss you right back!!!

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