Se7en Reviews: DK’s Children Healthy & Fun Cookbook

This is our last in the month of cook book reviews and I have to say: “I have saved the best for last!” I don’t know why this is called a children’s cookbook – it is totally fabulous I haven’t had a grown-up pass through our home without picking it up and saying “Oooh, I love this book!!!”


Oh my word, gone are the days of kids cook books being just about instant cupcakes and grilled cheese… With Dorling Kindersley’s inimitable brilliant photography you will be taken on a tour of heaps if not hundreds of great healthy recipes. I found my kids more than once doing a self-led cooking experiment from this book!!!


There are of course not just recipes: Food Facts Abound, little “Did you know?” boxes on every page, Helpful Hints and Tasty Twists, which offer a whole variety of ideas to adapt any given recipe.

Did you know? The word flapjack has a different meaning if you are standing in the USA or the UK… trust me on this!!!

Did you know? The word “Buritto” means little donkey in Spanish. Perhaps because a rolled up tortilla resembles the ear of a donkey.

My kids wanted to try almost everything and we cooked and cooked and cooked. Here are se7en of the chosen recipes:

  1. Strawberry Scrunch: Well this redefined breakfast around here!!! Easy as pie… Porridge oats and a selection of seeds dry roasted in a pan with a coating of honey… topped with berries and yogurt. Thank-you very much I will take that!!!
  2. DSC_0487DSC_0489

  3. Peach and Orange Lollies: I am so boring with our lollies – fruit juice or yogurt that’s it. But these were so easy!!! Actually I tossed a couple of fruits, not just peaches, into these and even my “only apples are a fruit” child galloped these down the hatch!!!
  4. DSC_0405DSC_0408DSC_0458

  5. Fruity Flapjacks: We call these “crunchies” here and I make them so often, but a layer of fruity yumminess in the middle is a really neat twist!!!
  6. DSC_0656
  7. Baked Eggs and Ham: We didn’t have ham and just used bacon and these were delish!!! And they are now on our lunch menu once or twice a week!!!
  8. DSC_0426DSC_0427DSC_0432

  9. Tuna Quesadilla’s: And this is where a tasty twist came in – we didn’t have tuna so we used beef strips… Everyone wanted to try these so we whipped up some wraps, cut a few vegi’s, grated some cheese, and so on. We were good to go… almost instant supper and far more filling than anyone thought it would be!!!
  10. DSC_0668

  11. Lamb Kebabs: Oh yes, these were totally good and a whole lot of different varieties were suggested in the Tasty Twists section – a veritable “round-the-world-meal.”
  12. DSC_0570DSC_0581

  13. Griddle Cakes: We call these corn fritters, you get the idea – easy kidable recipe.
  14. DSC_0579

The last two recipes were bravely tried by hood #3, age 8 who took supper into her own hands… And just to prove it is a truly kid friendly book she totally managed dinner, for a large family of food critics, almost entirely without adult intervention… Lamb Kebabs, Griddle Cakes and Savory Couscous.


That’s us, on a ranking of “five stars” being excellent we give this book: Oh about ten stars!!!

(Secretly I could review books for Dorling Kindersly forever – unfortunately all my reviews would say: Marvelous, Great Book!!! Actually if you live in the UK you can join Club DK and review books for them… we are only a continent away!!!)

13 Replies to “Se7en Reviews: DK’s Children Healthy & Fun Cookbook”

  1. oh my word! I don’t even like to cook, but your review makes me want to COOK ALL DAY LONG. I wonder if I can get the book here? I’m going to try that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing FRIEND– you are awesome!!!!

  2. Trust me KM, the recipes are so do-able and produce great looking food… with hardly any effort… Go on already!!! And I never knew what a peep was until yesterday!!! And then I had to go and look through the entire gallery of peeps!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  3. Hi there! Found your blog somehow! This book is now on my very long wishlist! Thanks for the suggestion…

  4. Hi P, Glad you found us!!! I borrowed it from the library but I am going to have to buy it!!! Not a single ounce of junk to eat but heaps and heaps of great and enticing healthy meals – I am all for it!!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  5. This looks great! A cookbook with real food – the 8 year old in our house really wants to cook, but with food allergies the normal cupcakes and cheese grilly kids cookbooks do not help us much indeed. Am definitely going to pick this one up!

  6. Hay J, This is a great book – Gone are the days where healthy cooking is “dullsville”!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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