Se7en’s Visual Diary – “What We Did Last Summer…”

Just last week I blogged about what we did this past summer and a couple of folk asked about the Visual Diary. Well, we started this year with the usual Bang, Whizz, Fizz of a family on the go… and I needed to a way to preserve our memories in a way we could all relate to. So many of our memories are tumbled together and forgotten. I really wanted something that had a little piece of everyone in it. And it couldn’t take hours of time to put together. This is what we came up with:


Let’s Meet The Players:

All we needed was a sketch book and some drawing materials:


Let’s Play The Game:

  1. Grab a photo of all the artists and stick it on the cover.
  2. DSC00880
  3. Leave it lying on the dresser so that everyone can have a chance to drawer their memories…
  4. DSC_0076DSC_0789

  5. And draw!!! I purposefully kept it simple – just drawing and doodling and whatever… no fancy projects, no paints, no cutting and sticking… just simple drawing that everyone could do no matter how young or old they are.

That’s it!!! As easy as that and we have a book to remember our summer by. Here you go, Se7en peeps:

  1. A trip to the nursery:
  2. DSC_0914


  3. A day of nothing poking around at home… some folks rest is not quite as calm as others!!!!
  4. DSC_0917
  5. A marshmallow cook-out:
  6. DSC_0915


  7. A trip to the theatre:
  8. DSC_0921
  9. A garden frenzy:
  10. DSC_0919


  11. A family outing:
  12. DSC_0918


  13. Our drive to church past a policeman: Obviously deeply significant in the minds of some!!!
  14. DSC_0922

That’s us, summer in a sketch book!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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13 Replies to “Se7en’s Visual Diary – “What We Did Last Summer…””

  1. I love the concept of a visual diary!!! I’m teaching a photography class and that is one of my topics— visual storytelling. I think it’s pretty incredible that we can journal in so many different ways. Those drawing are FANTASTIC— just imagine how fun it will be to look back in a couple (or more) years. 🙂 Are you excited for winter?

  2. Hay KM, Ooooh teaching a photography class sounds fun – well fun for the student that is!!! I can not say that I am thrilled at the idea of winter… snuggles and books sound fine!!! But we live in a culture that is ill-equipped for winter – we all believe in eternal summer and have no concept of heating, heaters even rain gear – yet we do have winter and it does get really cold and wet and we all (I mean the whole nation!!!) look at it as a necessary, annual right of passage, so that we can get on with the real living of summer!!! Hope you have a fun weekend with spring springing!!!

  3. Hay JK, SOmethings have to be done!!! I just needed to find a way that was doable!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  4. Sigh, that’s so true – and here I am, LOVING winter. Every day there’s a grey sky and cold day = happiness for me.

    But here’s what I really wanted to tell you about – CNA is selling the cutest sketch books in the world. They’re marked R19,95but at the till they’re actually R14,95. I bought 1 and then went back for 4 more.

    I plan to use them for a vision book and other such cool things 🙂

  5. P.S. And I LOVE BABIES in winter clothes – warm babygrows, knitted outfits, etc. I really can’t wait!

    Last night i was in pajamas at 8 with a mug of hot tea – HEAVENLY!

  6. Hi L, THat’s brilliant about the sketchbooks!!! I have to go and do some birthday shopping there so I will look out for them!!! I have nor problem with winter – love the cold, the wet and the wild… as long as I don’t have to go out in it!!! I can stay home the whole winter and not miss a beat!!!

  7. Hi L, Thanks for the sketchbook tip!!! I have some birthday shopping to do so I will have a look for them!!! Otherwise I have no problem with winter – love the wet and wild of the southern ocean… I think we could do a lot more to be prepared for winter!!!! Really I do – I am totally fine with winter – I could stay home and be snugly all winter – but the thought of getting laundry dry and the thought of going out and getting everyone soaked and then dry again, does freak me out somewhat!!!

  8. Hi L, again – That does sound like heaven!!! Indeed!!! Well done, you obviously let nothing distract on route to your comfort zone!!!

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