This Week At (5 April) At Se7en…

April is here and believe it or not that’s a whole year of “This Week At Se7en” Posts!!! Frankly I can’t believe a year has past since we began our Monday Calendars!!!

Here is our Calendar Collection:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8:


And here are a few links for this week:

That’s us – have a great week!!!

P.S. If you did something fun with your kids or made a great link list then pop over and link it up to our Fabulous Friday Fun, not to mention have a look at the great links there!!!

2 Replies to “This Week At (5 April) At Se7en…”

  1. YESSSSS for the 7th!!!! and the 10th!!!! those will go down as new holidays on our calendar. Mason was just asking me today WHAT HOLIDAY IS NEXT MOM??? I love spring and summer… but not a whole bunch going on… Thanks for reminding us to celebrate the LITTLE special things in life. xoxoxoxox

  2. Hi KM, I am all for that “no housework day”… or shall I say – “no housework for me day” !!! I am quite inspired to do some serious highway man stuff on the day… Hood #4 would really go for that!!! Meanwhile your Easter pics are too darling!!! Have a good week!!!

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