Se7en +1 = Eight – Really!!!

Can you believe it, eight months have flown by. And here he is in all is glory.


He is loved and adored.


Has the sweetest feet.


Not to mention the cutest ears. I should know because they are in almost every view I have of the world right now!!!!


Here are se7en of his favorite things:

  1. His towel of course.
  2. Sleeping with his feet O.U.T.
  3. His K-M blankets.
  4. Standing, standing, standing…
  5. Bathing, finally he likes it but only with his father person.
  6. Tossing and chasing onions around the kitchen.
  7. Bananas… Yes this is the month he discovered his first food and he loves it!!!

11 Replies to “Se7en +1 = Eight – Really!!!”

  1. Happiness and deliciousness all rolled into one! Happy 8 months darling boy! Love from Texas!

  2. No I can’t believe it! He can’t be 8 months… just can’t be!!! I love what Kimberly said above— deliciousness and happiness all rolled into one… that really does sum him UP!!! 6-9 months is my all time favorite BABY age. I know you all are enjoying every single second of him. And of course I’m tickled he still likes his blankies. I wish I could remember where I bought those… :):)

  3. Hay KM – So good to hear from you!!! Yup, those blankets are indeed his true loves, well after his towel!, luckily there are two the same… it is those little cowboys that he is after and the label – hmmmm!!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  4. It’s a bit late – I know little 7 + 1 is now nearly 9! But my own little one, a mere 2 weeks younger has been keeping me a little busy!

    I don’t see much of LaRue’s ears, mostly it’s her toes. She loves getting raspberries blown between her toes. Next baby I will refrain from doing that. LOL

  5. Hi Rachel… Tell me about being busy!!! It is such a darling age though, you have to love all the exploring and plking of curious little fingers into EVERYTHING!!! Hope you all have a fun week!!!

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