The Week That Was – 2.48

The weather has changed – it is freezing, by our sunny standards and it is hard to believe that winter has arrived. We usually have a couple of weeks of Indian summer, but none of that this year…it has just been icy. With snow already glistening on the distant mountains, we have been hovering at around 10 degrees Celsius or 50 Fahrenheit in the day… and for us that is cold!!! While it is mostly sunny we did have a glorious torrential storm with more rain than the eye – or ear, could behold!!!


And it was a week off school for us and lets just say we over-achieved somewhat… here is my one and only moment of peace… what can I say they ran me ragged and I ran them ragged right back!!!


There were midnight snacks…

DSC_0903 And holiday sibling sleep-over’s… DSC_0904 Wintry citrus snacks – yum:


And the makings of heaps of tomato sauce:


There were outings and almost parking garages… that some people really had to try and fill up… because one must…


There was “rock pooling”


There were hats and trumpets…


There were jokes…


And games…


And bed stealing…


And friends…


There were countless zoob projects…


And visitors…


And laundry…


And stories…


And heaps and heaps of offerings on my keyboard…



And a recovery reward for me!!!


Our book of the week is:


And because of that we had to make the pink soup recipe from the inside cover…


And just because it’s been a holiday we have been listening to this – totally fun, short and sweet!!!


And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Wrote some poetry and kept bringing us reptiles… it is snake and lizards season. They come out to laze in the sun and they are too cold to escape. I can cope with lizards but not so well with those slippery snakes.



Hood #2: Whipped up an owl. And got everyone working on his “impending” birthday list!!!


Hood #3: Did a whole heap of crafting and then opened a “draw your portrait” store…


Hood #4: Did a whole heap of pirating and weaving and drawing alongside his Grandfather…


Hood #5: Made a heap of stick men and another whole heap of baking…


Hood #6: Cannot stop drawing…


Hood #7: Loved, loved, loved making bags, and got caught in the rain. She is still small enough to sit back to front in a chair and make puzzles.


Hood #8: Can’t stop standing and chasing onions and delving… and laughing and laughing.



That’s us!!! I must say I will be quite glad to be back at school tomorrow!!!

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  1. Have you taught us how to make tomato sauce yet? If you have, can you post the link for me? I learn all my cooking skills from you…my family is eternally grateful! 🙂

  2. PINK soup— how fun! From the sounds of it— your week was jammed packed with bliss, creativity, laundry and WONDER! What a great job you have . 🙂 It’s so crazy to think it’s WINTER where you live. I so miss the lazy days of winter… so now I’ll just be able to visit my favorite time of year via YOU!

  3. Hi KM, Pink soup indeed – it didn’t exactly fly!!! Only about four takers – but we made it! I am always wondering what to do with beetroot!!! Yup its early in the morning and icy cold!!! Nobody is happy and nobody is poking a toe out of bed!!! Remember we don’t have any heating, just internal heating… I guess I should be making some cocoa to stir my ice-blocks out of bed!!! Have a good week!!!

  4. Hi Christa, Here’s the link to my frugal vegetable post… scroll down for tomato sauce… I use it for everything: pizza toppings, pasta sauce, dipping chips the lot!!! I have been tossing handfuls of basil in lately as our basil bushes come to an end – yummy!!! Hope this helps!!!

  5. Hi Stephanie – It was indeed a good one!!! Hope you guys have some fun over on the far side of the world today!!!

  6. hullo from joburg! just recently discovered yr blog and am loving it! i was browsing yr cooking 🙂 and found this great looking brownie recipe, but i cant seem to find stick brown sugar here in joburg! any alternates? and can u buy it from pick n pay or checkers in cape?

  7. Hi there U.A., Welcome to our site!!! Firstly we buy our sugar at PicknPay or Checkers, they both have it. The brown sugars are usually from Hulletts. They may call it treacle sugar (it is darker and stickier) and caramel for the lighter brown sugar. Sometimes I can’t get it either then I just use whatever brown sugar I can get!!! Hope this helps, have a good day!!!

  8. Hi there

    I just love the way that Hood #6 likes to draw upsidedown nogal!

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