Saturday Spot: Timberland…

I know I said: GiveAways… They are coming!!! I know I said Celebrities… I have a brilliant bunch and I know I said a swap… it is on its way!!! But as usual my blog has a day or two lag on life… So patience dear readers…patience!!! Back to the task at hand… our Saturday Spot… I have read the pages of this book so many times that I know this is one of those off to sleep pages that I can actually read with the lights out, with little voices saying “Timber” as they drift off to sleep:

DSC_0801 We drive through Tokai forest so often on the way up or down the Peninsula but I never stop. As I was driving by the other day I hear: “Timber” from way in the back and in an effort to be the spontaneous mom of the year (I know… and it’s only July!!!) I pulled over and we went for a quick explore. And there was some reading, writing and arithmetic, so school was done in a vague outdoor sort of way!!!

One short person led the way:
One did some reading and is now well researched regarding our friends the baboons:
Then we had a good clamber on the tree trunks…


And there was some serious counting: DSC_0101


Now from the road it looks like a vast field of cut trees and desolation, but up close my goodness it is alive and well: DSC_0093 And my little people wandered off to explore…


And the joy!!! Oh the joy!!! When they discovered a tyre… DSC_0112 DSC_0113 And some of us were quite content to clamber…


Just look at that little guy:


DSC_0110 And then this contraption approached us: DSC_0117 Apparently this was the beginning and the end of joy on earth for some if us… really!!!


And it did a whole lot of stuff that machines of this nature do – I was offered a whole explanation but it was beyond my area of (extreme interest) expertise. As far as I could tell it shuffled some logs around… which is very important to the whole “Timbering” business.


Then we got onto some more important things: Like writing: DSC_0153 And tracking:


And treasures: DSC_0131 And races:


There and back: DSC_0156 And fungus:


And a swing: DSC_0179


And discovery: “These little man are spiky pine needles… you can’t eat them!!!”


DSC_0173 An explore of the work site:


And good bye to the guinea fowls: DSC_0159 And good bye to the squirrels: DSC_0187 And good bye to the winter oaks: DSC_0115 And that’s our spontaneous adventure into the great outdoors…

outdoor challenge.jpg

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