Saturday Spot: Imhoff Farm Village…

In our ongoing quest for a cow… I remembered that we lived not far from a touch farm. Just down the road in fact!!! Anyway forget about my forgetfulness and take a look around: This is Imhoff…
And we haven’t been for the longest time, in fact the last time we went was when I only had three little hoods.


And I was reassured by looking at the old pics that three of my children have actually seen a cow, and a pig… and a very sweet rabbit!!!


A couple of weeks ago we were trying to find somewhere new to visit for a Saturday afternoon coffee and multiple hot chocolates and when we got there it all came flooding back… there is so much to do here!!!



Most people stop here to ride the camels – i can’t think why!!!


We visited the very well stocked and packed with yummy goodness farm stall… we were a bit late in the day and promised to visit again…and for the record they serve a fine hot chocolate…


Otherwise there are lots of colorful shops…


A nursery and sculpture…


Places to play…


And wander…


And clamber…


And play and discover…


Horses to feed…



There’s a Chocolate silo, packed with delights…





And a cheese factory:


With lots of baby goats right now…


But the thing that got everyone’s attention was the snake park… I promised a child that we would go there for his third birthday… three years later I was eventually dragged there. And let me say it is possibly the noisiest outing we have been on in years… there were oohs and aahs of delight, there were shrieks of terror.


And were there snakes…


And other beasts of interest…


And some people actually held a snake… those are my babies… holding a snake…


And this snake held the boy…


All in all this is a great place to stop, with an old time feel. They have a website where you can browse all they have on offer, follow the link and take a peek.

10 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Imhoff Farm Village…”

  1. I can’t believe we’ve never been there! We’re not exactly “around the corner” but close enough for a visit. Will have to be on the list for a free Saturday. Thanks for a reminder of yet another great place on our doorstep.

  2. Oh and by the way, there are loads of cows at Dreyersdal farm in Bergvliet. We came across a whole herd on our way back from Die Oog which a lovely spot too (in Midwood ave I think). I wrote about it in a recent post, I’ll try to put the link in here but I’m not too good at that!!
    In case that doesn’t work it’s a July post in the archives down the left of the page.

  3. Hay Debbie, There is so much to do there, I can’t believe I had forgotten all about it!!! After not going there for years and years we went three times in the last two weeks… It didn’t cost us a fortune – goat watching and horse feeding are free!!! And a trip to the chocolate silo for a small treat kept every one happy!!! Really it’s a great outing that you can keep going back to because there are so many things to do there. Hope you have a fun week…

  4. Hay Debbie you genius!!! How often have I driven past these on the highway!!! Definitely worth closer inspection – thanks a ton!!!

  5. Funny how it is often the things closest to us that we forget about… and don’t pay attention too.

    Still no cow so far?

  6. I tell you T this is a great spot – right under our noses – how often have I driven past!!! And the cows are coming already!!!

  7. LOVE those bright tops in the shop – the diagonal striped panel cuts are very cool 🙂

    also the pic of the horse and the hood – VERY nice 🙂

    we are not in CT but will try to remember for when we go past that way again.

    Thanks, as always for your inpsiration 🙂
    PORT ALFRED mommy

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