Saturday Spot: The Cure Potentially Completed…

So I have been blogging away about the Cure and “Cure-ious” as it may seem we have made it through. The first week was a breeze, really it was all so easy that I thought I had gotten away quite lightly… The second week was trickier because I started to get a bit carried away and totally threw the twenty minutes a day right out of the window!!! The third week was hard – I wanted a break but felt compelled to complete my “list,” which wasn’t a requirement… the task was simply to make a list… But then in Week Four the list suddenly got whittled away and we made it through!!! So I am totally cured – one or two tasks to finish up this week and that’s it!!!

The Cure.jpg

  • Day 11 – Floor and Surface Clean One Room: Now after last weeks thorough clean in the lounge I wasn’t really up to a twenty minute clean of anything… So I took on the bathroom. It is my completely minimalist room… towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste… and much less than a handful of bath toys. To be honest it took much less than twenty minutes to do a complete top to toe clean – sigh!!! Just what I needed!!!
  • DSC_0263

  • Day 12 – Buy Flowers and Sit for 10 minutes: Well I mentioned in our first cure post that I needed a garden cure… and it came in the form of a power failure… What a pleasure!!! An afternoon gardening and hacking down the overgrown lavender… I didn’t sit for ten minutes but I sure enjoyed the garden frenzy.
  • Day 13 – Declutter Books or Media: Well we did our big book declutter and I am still managing a couple of books a day out and out… it does get easier, it was really just getting started that was hard. Now that we are rolling with books it is no longer “What can we get rid of?” but more “Who will find this book useful?” and out they go!!! And as for media: We have a whole crate of music tapes. When last did you even see a tape recorder!!! So out, out, out…
  • Day 14 – Media Fast: I thought this would be really hard – I thought I would battle to just “log-out” … but I just deleted all my news in my RSS reader and got busy with school before I knew the day was out and I didn’t miss the internet at all. Often I don’t go near my computer all day but when I get back to my RSS feed reader I can be somewhat overwhelmed… Well lets just say it was great to have nothing to read!!! Note to self… do this a little more often, no one will really miss a comment from se7en!!!
  • Day 15 – Fix One Thing In Your Home Yourself: Well this was easy, tackled the mending!!!

And a Weekend break where we tackled the list!!!



    1. The pool: – Done…
    2. DSC_0409

    3. The Vase: – Don’t even ask what was in there!!! Buttons, and household bling… and copious amounts of correspondance between a certain little visitor that arrives whenever a baby tooth is discarded for bigger and better things… I tossed their letters into their memory boxes and moved on… You have no idea how long I put that off for!!!
    4. DSC_0218

    5. Post in: – Done.
    6. DSC_0006

    7. Post out: – Done, well except for the postcards, for the postcard swap… but they will be out by the end of the week and what the guy at the post office is going to say when we arrive with about a million postcards!!!
    8. Kids Clothes: – Sorted again.
    9. Fridge: – Cleared for a day and now the proud bearer of the spoon family.
  • Day 16 – Floor and Surface Clean One Room: Took on the kids room and just cleaned it… didn’t declutter anything and just cleared the surfaces and packed away things that were floating around…dusted, mopped done…Lovely!!!
  • DSC_0265

  • Day 17 – Buy Flowers: I hope it counts to buy flowers for a friend!!! And a whole heap more gardening just because – I didn’t need a power failure, we all had such fun that I think we should make it a weekly thing… Just an hour of all of us in the garden adds up to about eight-man hours… not bad!!! I always want everything done in a day… but when it has taken months of neglect and a baby can do that to a garden!!! Then a day isn’t going to get your garden back… I know that but I would rather not!!!
  • Day 18: Declutter the Medicine Cabinet: Aha… The secret confession of a mother of Se7en + 1… We don’t have a medicine cabinet. I did gather our “medicines” into one place and this is the sum total of medicine products in our house: half a chewable panado; earbuds (are they medical?); an almost finished tub of lip-ice that just won’t end else I would have tossed it; powder for umbilical cords (I kid you not – we use it every other year and have had the same tub since hood #2 was born); anti mosquito-bite itch cream… and a pair of nail scissors. That’s it… not much to sort!!! I just never bother to buy all that stuff, not even plasters… never go down that aisle or write any of it on our shopping list… doesn’t cross my mind!!!
  • Day 19 – Hang Artwork: Wahahaha!!! Don’t ask me to do this!!! We have photos of our kids in our front hall way… well photos of six of our kids and I went scrounging around to find the last two frames… the last two kids weren’t born when we put the photos up… but they do deserve a place in the “Hall of Fame”… I have the frames and this must get done. Note to self: Wade through photos, choose the one that you love, print it, frame it, hang it…
  • Day 20 – Empty Outbox:
  • I aways empty as I go. If something is on its way out then I want it out!!! I group things that go together and then get rid of things as we run errands… just a tiny couple of things to drop off this week and we are totally done.

The Kitchn Cure.jpg
The final two weeks of the Kitchen Cure turned out to be really easy. Last itsy bitsy details and organize a dinner party… Well My kitchen was perfect for about a day!!! But we are in the depths of a River Cottage Chapter and all my counters are covered in various stages of end of year science projects: beans are sprouting, flowers are coloring, electric gizmo’s are electrifying… but our kitchen is sorted and everything has been scrubbed and has a place…

I have enjoyed The Cure… twenty minutes a day and beyond was really achievable… I would like to squeeze in a sort of the front hall drawers before the end of the week… three drawers a day has to be achievable!!! And get all our crafty projects to a place where we can enjoy them rather than look for them!!! So that’s my final goal… But the best thing about The Cure was this:


No the garage was never on the cure but it was on my list of things I could never ever achieve… you could not even get into it. It is packed with boxes… the father person has a thing about keeping packaging (and he is always right – when things break it is so handy to have the packaging. And with se7en + 1 kids things break a lot!!! Anyway Hood #1 secretly took on the task and made order of the chaos. There is no before photograph thank heavens, but this is the new before photograph. Because he put up a table in the middle and now there is somewhere to sort and toss and toss and toss… empty paint cans, old computer stuff, boxes for things we no longer own!!! Yes we need to have a big toss but at least now I can see everything and do a shelf at a time… slow and steady really does win the race…

That’s us!!! Thanks Apartment Therapy for forcing us to Cure some Chaos!!!

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  1. Oh Sofia… It really is a twenty minute a day plan – which is something I can achieve and actually the thing that was choking me was the garage… and the first step is the hardest and my son took that for me!!! So not quite a huge achievement!!! But it is done!!! And we are moving on to other projects!!! Hope you have a good day!!!

  2. Hay Laura… Good for you!!! I was amazed that twenty days went flying so fast – just ridiculous in fact!!! AND it wasn’t that hard – well getting the two pictures up was/is the biggest challenge for me!!! Twenty years instead of twenty days maybe!!! Good luck. Keep at it!!!

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