Se7en Budget Outings in Cape Town for Kids…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Se7en Free Outings in Cape Town… Well here is the follow up: Se7en Budget Outings in Cape Town. Now I understand that “budget” is entirely subjective so let me qualify it: I looked for outings that were as close to ten rand per child as I could find…(thats between one and two US Dollars per child). One or two are slightly more and one or two are slightly less. Basically I went looking for an outing where I regularly take all of my kids out for one hundred R ands at the most…

So here you go: Se7en Budget Outings:


  1. Rondevlei: This is bird watching at its best and my kids love visiting here… My kids have been able to watch and help with bird ringing and there are always folk around ready to share information and talk about the work they do there.
  2. DSC_0712

  3. Silvermine: I have posted so much on Silvermine, because we visit there again and again and again… Every time we visit we follow a different route. It is fabulous for well planned hiking and spontaneous leaping out of the car and dashing… It is great for swimming and picnics and in the middle of the Cape Town, or the South Peninsula. You can find yourself lost in the bushveld and totally removed from civilization and cell phones and all those distractions!!!
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  5. The Little Blue Train: My kids love this and for some reason I hardly ever remember to go!!! It is a mini-train complete with tunnel and station and bridge… it is on the beach front at Moullie Point on the Sea Point side of the WaterFront. I think everyone heads for the Waterfront and forgets that this little gem is just there!!! In the center of the track there is place to play and picnic and it really is a very pleasant outing right next to the sea.
  6. 102-0260_IMG

  7. The Scratch Patch: This is the spot to discover treasures and delights… When you get there you pay for a small plastic bag that you can take home packed with beautiful little gem stones. There is a cave full of shiny precious stones where you can go and pick and choose to your hearts content. My kids love this outing more than life itself, and heaps and heaps of gemstones lie around our house literally for years afterwards.
  8. IMG_0203

  9. Museum: We visit this museum from time to time and we tend to wind our way from top to bottom saying: “Look at this and look at that!!!” Actually most of the Museums in the Iziko Museum Group have pretty nominal entry fees and we will be exploring them next year… I have a plan for a museum a month… we will see how that turns out. I know the kids will go for it!!!
  10. DSC_0848

  11. Planetarium: The planetarium has fabulous shows… here is a list of what’s on at the moment. An easy outing: free parking, and a visit through the museum at the same time and a run through the company gardens – you really can’t beat it!!!
  12. DSC_0198

  13. Imhoff: This is a spot with a restaurant and a snake park, camel rides and shops… So how can it possibly be a budget outing? Well we go there often for the morning: we visit the goats and feed the horses and go feather hunting. It is a fabulous spot to spend some shady time with friends. Often I manage the whole visit without spending anything… And often I let the kids choose a treat from the chocolate silo on their way out. We have been to the Snake Park and we have stopped by the restaurant… but mostly it is about free time in the great outdoors chatting, playing, climbing trees and animal watching.
  14. And I know you want Se7en + 1 Outings…


  15. The Ice Cafe: This is so one of our frequent haunts that I had to include it!!! I am sure for all the outings in the world one with food just can’t be beat!!!

That’s it – Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. Oh, that was so nice to find. I was actually typing in the web address of a totally different website and yours came up as an option as I have visited several times. I decided to see what was new with you instead of continuing to my destination. What perfect timing as we are planning a trip just now to visit your beautiful country. My husband and I are coming with our three sons from Israel.

  2. HI Moriyah, Thank-you for stopping by… I hope you have a wonderful trip and tour of our land!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy your vacation planning!!!

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