The Week That Was – 3.32…

Did I ever mention… summer, summer, summer…


Well you can take a look at weather around the world at The Magnifying Glass, would you look at that snow!!! But seriously… I just love summer. Folks around us are complaining about the heat… and it has been hot. But the laundry dries in an hour or two. I don’t have to worry about who has kicked their bedding off in the night. Just easy sweeping and the house is clean. Stories outdoors in a shady spot. Pop up in the morning and have breakfast and swim… have lunch and swim… dinner and a swim… it’s lovely!!! Seriously I just love summer!!!

There was time for sleepy heads and books…
There was time for outings with friends…
There was time for great art…
And wild art…
There was time for stories…
And scheming…
And more of the same…
And submerging…
There was time for growing…
And would you look at our corn!!!
And visitors…DSC_0476
Of one kind…
And another…DSC_0531
There was nesting…
There was time for a massive garden frenzy…DSC_0502
Everyone had a chance to partake!!!
I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out or anything!!!
There was a Sunday service… and the topic was Valentines Day…
And a very inattentive congregation!!!
There was time for Pogo Sticks!!!
And lizarding…
And lego worlds…
And piggy backs…
And weird carrots…
And stories…
And I am loving Alisa Burkes Sketchbook Course… Every scrap of paper in the house looks like this:

The artwork of the week has to be the pet rock cage… that’s what happens if you find a cork lying around…
You make a pet rock cage of course!!!

I picked up a couple of great classics from the library this week. I remember reading this book with my sister in the olden days when we were kids… and here I am reading it to my very eager kids!!! Our book of the week:

Indian Crafts and Lore.png

And this is what the hoods got up to this week:

Hood #1: Did the biggest paper sort ever!!!

Hood #2: Whipped up a bus!!!DSC_0237
And collected a heap of feathers…
For the ever growing feather collection…

Hood #3: Did a whole lot of puzzling.
I saved this all year until all her school was totally done and can you believe it… I bet I have readers living in that gap!!!! How often do you get a puzzle with a missing piece…really!!!
Hood #4: Finally read Balto, and made a Lego version: DSC_0341
Hood #5: Listened very attentively to what I was reading… peg, peg, peg…
Hood #6: Has mastered hairdressing…
Hood #7: Can be very serious sometimes…
And you may well ask: “How many books can one small person read in a sitting?”
Hood #8: Is quite happy to organize his own snacks, thank-you very much…DSC_0633
And is available for all future baking assignments…

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.32…”

  1. At first I was so excited to see her doing a Canadian puzzle, but then realized it was just that generic title for the blank above America 😉 Enjoy some warm summer sun for us, we’re back to the cold. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. That is some serious SUMMER-TIME ANYTIME fun. I hope you guys continue to enjoy your beautiful days of creativity and learning! When does it start getting cold for you? xoxoxoxoox

  3. Hay KM… From another glorious day in Africa!!! Our best weather is still to come, April and May are glorious: crisp and cool nights with sunny days, not too hot and not yet winter. It only really gets cold and wet from June and July/August are the wettest… We thinks its cold then but compared to your winter you would think that it pretty balmy!!! Hope you are all having a fun and hearty week!!! Lots of love…

  4. Hay Aunty Muffin… I loved it too!!! I have to admit… I live with a junk artist and our recycling bag just feeds the habit!!!

  5. I love the pet rock in the cage. I think we may need to make one of those. Hood 7 would feel right at home in our house (although the climate might give it away), as I recognise every book she has out.

    So much to make me smile!

  6. Hi Cheryl!!! I really liked the pet rock cage too… funny what pops into that chaps head!!! And Hood #7 has always loved books but is just going through a really avid phase of devouring piles and piles for hours on end!!! And I just can’t imagine surviving in your cold… really just beyond comprehension!!! Hope you find something warm to do this week… All your knitting is so very inspiring!!!

  7. I have to admit that I am a bit envious of your warm weather there! Here in PA, we are having temps 20 F and below. On the other hand, I am glad that our school year goes through the winter here because I could not imagine trying to wrangle little wiggly bodies to do lessons when they just want to go out in the sunshine and play! LOL! So funny about that bobsled, we are reading Balto today. Looks like you are all having a heap of fun!

  8. Hi Stacy, love your chatty comment!!! I have to say we are loving our summer many folks are bemoaning the heat… but we are so not geared up for winter here that I cannot look forward to it!!! And as for Balto… what a great story it really gets to the heart of my kids every time…. but it must be so much easier to relate to when you have actually met snow white days!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and I will try to make our summer look only slightly fabulous in our next week that was post!!!

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