Hood #1’s Quick Box Cars in Se7en Steps…

We seem to be doing a whole heap of box crafts just lately and for a couple of weeks we have had these fabulous cadalac cars parking all over our house!!! Seriously this is the land of limousines!!!  They are really strong and seem to withstand all sorts of play and indoor and outdoor boyish manhandling!!! This is what you are aiming for:


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • A cardboard box, this is a fruit box.
  • A craft knife.
  • A ruler.
  • A pen.
  • And a stapler… with about a heap of staples!!!


Let’s Play the Game in Se7en Steps:

  1. Begin by dividing the center panel into three.
  2. DSC_0547

  3. And cut off the side portions and the flaps at each end.
  4. DSC_0547DSC_0553
  5. Cut along the end folds as far as the lines drawn in the first step.
  6. DSC_0555

  7. Use a ruler to help you fold the box along the ruled lines. Then you can fold up the body of the car and you have a chassis.
  8. DSC_0562DSC_0563


  9. Trim the folded ends over so that they are level. Before you begin stapling, you need to cut a hole in the top of your car to make place for a driver and passengers. Use the cardboard you cut out of the hole to staple on a windscreen.
  10. Staple away and using the remaining pieces of cardboard to cut out the same shapes for the sides of the cars and a matching base of the car. Staple the extra sides within the sides of the cardboard car and fold and fit the base into the chassis.
  11. DSC_0591DSC_0594


  12. Cut four circles out of the cardboard… and slot them between the two side layers of the cars. Staple the wheels into place so that they don’t slip around.
  13. DSC_0606DSC_0609


    And the Se7en +1th Step:

  14. Decorate and Drive!!!
  15. DSC_0897

That’s us. Have a great weekend!!!

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