Sunday Snippet: Contentment Crept Up On Me Unawares…

For crying out loud we just went from being a family with two students earning a pitiful salary, to one student and two dependents… it was far more like a bowl of rice with a sprinkling of herbs and absolutely no sleep to mention and t-shirts covered in spit-up!!! And I can tell you that going to a morning Bible Study didn’t help one bit… we visited in houses that looked just like the dream, often with full-time help and one parent with a serious career and the other working from home – selling toys, bath products, salad bowls, whatever… and perfect children that weren’t actually there because they were in play-school.

Se7en Million Fairy Tale Puppets!!!

The Enormous Turnip: We just needed to make a small turnip when we made the farmers head, with a small balloon… and a large turnip with a large balloon, and our story could be told. … The Princess and the Pea: We added a crown to on of one of our spoon people for a princess and made her bed from fabric scraps and cardboard.