Fresh Roast Tomato Sauce in Se7en Steps…

Hay readers we are guest posting today… over at my friend Caroline Collie and her blog: From Africa With Love… I’d would like to say a friendly hello to all the visitors popping over today!!!

Have a Whole Foods Holiday_ Roast Tomato Sauce

She is having a series: “Have a Whole Foods Holiday.” All about cooking from scratch and I am all about that!!! If I can cook things from fresh ingredients and especially if it is home grown then I know what is in it and I know that it will be flavor filled. I am always a little bit weary of pre-packaged, preprepared foods… especially since I began reading food labels. A lot of what is in our food really does mean that we should have antenna for ears and aerials for eyes.

Anyway we are first up in her series: Making Roast Tomato Sauce in Se7en Steps…

Getting your load of tomatoes from this:


To this… in Se7en Steps…


Now we always have a jar of tomato sauce in the fridge, it is so easy to make and has so replaced canned tomatoes. A jar of fresh roasted tomato sauce is a fabulous gift because you can use it for so many things. At a time of year when you there are so many treats to eat, sometimes it is nice to have a good reliable meal to fall back on. Tomato sauce on fresh pasta with some parmasan is so quick and easy. Or on a make your own pizza night with the kids… Or our family favorite: meatballs.


So pop over and visit my friend Caroline and see how its made:

Have a Whole Foods Holiday_ Roast Tomato Sauce

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  1. We add a tin of tuna chunks, sliced calamata olives and a big bunch of chopped mixed herbs from the garden…then pour the chunky mix over our spaghetti – it is my sons favourite supper and nice and quick to make 😉 Yum

  2. Lovely Shells!!! I am all for instant meals… and anything with olives – oh yum!!! hope you have a great weekend!!!

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