Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Build A Beach House…

Every year we work on a Summer Nook in the garden, somewhere that will be cool and appealing, a place to chill and rest. One year we took our couch outdoors and this year we have been working for weeks and weeks on our Beach House.


One thing we have in our mountainside home is sunshine, our only shady spot was covered in bushes… So what began as a pack of scrubby bushes has been cleared out completely…

Then we found some garden tiles and laid them down in the sand…


Now it was nice and neat…

The kids built a fence towards the back with all their random sticks – thank heaven they finally found a use for them.

And we made a grand entrance…

And a secret entrance…

It is a place to play, with lots of lovely things to mess around with for little people that like to mess around with stones and bark; and a little dry river bed.

And there are cushions, which make it a good place to take a basket of books to read on hot afternoons…

And there you are a a little place that is child size and playable.

With a fabulous view out…

And pretty much hidden from folk that don’t know it is there…

Yay for Summer!!!

With love from The Gang at Se7en + 1…

10 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Build A Beach House…”

  1. Hay Irene… So glad to have some sunshiny days!!! And finally our shady place to play in is so worthwhile… Hope you have a good week!!!

  2. I love this! Looks so much like the kind of den’s we used to make in our garden as children. Lovely memories:-)

  3. Hi Zoe, Yup I think that is what they had in mind!!! A reading Nook in the great outdoors!!! Of course today it poured with rain and they were back to reading under their beds!!! What can I say – the weather is mad!!! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

  4. Hi Sam, Glad you liked it!!! My kids love making houses and they last for weeks, but this one has quite a permanent feel to it!!! Hopefully our weather starts to play along too!!!

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