Se7en + 1 is 27, Our Elf on the Shelf…

So Hood #8 is twenty-se7en months, that is two and a quarter years… Just how on earth did that happen!!!


Here he is a picture of two year old innocence… dreamy as can be with not a plot or a plan up his sleeve…


I have to say I was intrigued this past holiday season with all the “elf on the shelf” posts and some of the “interesting” mischief some folks elves got up to…


I was all for playing along until I started looking at what our own elf had been getting up to and seriously did we need any more trickery… The thing about our elf is that it comes in the cutest, most lovable disguise and moves with the most alarming speed… one blink and the trick is performed – you dare not cast your eye away!!!

Take a look at our Elf’s achievements just lately:


  1. Our Elf: Can read thirty books in a flash, before you say dash, they are out there…
  2. DSC_0864_2

  3. Our Elf: Can dismantle the plumbing in a way that is numbing.
    They just don’t plumb things like they used to, and you would not believe what I was pouring down the sink before I discovered this new found skill. Indeed our elf ensured that a major “under sink” clean out was done, not to mention declutter because I NEVER want to face that again.


  4. Our Elf: Can set up a tea party and get really arty, just in case we are getting a visitor…
  5. DSC_0123

  6. Our Elf: Can dismantle LEGO models before you say start, while you are still looking for that special part.
  7. DSC_0811

  8. Our Elf: Can unpack every puzzle before you say guzzle, and it takes hours to clean up…
  9. DSC_0373

  10. Our Elf: Can “borrow” some play dough and add a few trimmings… and he thinks it is winning…
  11. DSC_0382

    And he can fix the error, when he sees how distraught the rightful owner was and separate all the colors out again… and again… and again…


  12. Our Elf: Can take down ALL the Christmas Decorations twenty-five times a day, every day, so helpful!!!
  13. DSC_0707

  14. Our Elf: Can dismantle a city and the surrounding countryside… because it is time to pack up, when nobody else would attempt it…

In his defense: he has mastered those puzzles…


Piece by piece…


He is a man who doesn’t wait to be asked to help…he just dives in!!!


And will share his achievements with joy…

Don't get between a man and his lion cookie!!!

And while he can not convince anyone to sit with him while he has his Sunday tea… he is slightly notorious regarding spillage…


He is a good friend and will stand by his friends through anything…


And we can forgive him all his mis-adventures because he is the one person that gets us out the house and down to the beach, because the first breathe of everyday is: “To the beach?”


Gotta love this little guy, we sure do!!! Captain Cuddles you are the best “Elf on a Shelf” that any family could ask for.

You Can Read About His Well Documented Life Here…


15 Replies to “Se7en + 1 is 27, Our Elf on the Shelf…”

  1. What a sweet and touching post.

    You are a good Mom to say the least. I would love to know how you manage to roll with the punches of all the “mischief.”

    Your obvious love and patience awes and inspires this fellow mom.


  2. Oh happy 2-and-a-quater birthday to your elf on a shelf! Adorable packaging indeed!!
    Where does the time go?! We are about to have a two year old in the house again – can’t wait!

  3. Oh April, Remember that is just one little sweet little bundle of mischief in an ocean of eight mischief makers!!! I guess you have to have a sense of humor for this task… Thank you always for your lovely comments, where would our blog be without you!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

  4. No Corli, I think my “photograph of your kids has stopped since I saw them last” and they will forever be small little things – How could you possibly have a nearly two year old in the mix!!! Time for a visit to reset the image!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful and you get to do something wonderfully fun!!!

  5. Well, he is certainly the cutest “elf on a shelf” that I’ve ever seen! I’d jump on the bandwagon if I could have an elf like him! 🙂 Love it!

  6. Hi Georgia, He is the best elf and so glad we don’t have to pack him away for a year at a time!!! Hope you have a great weekend with your family!!! Lots of love…

  7. Hay Kimberley, Good to hear from you!!! We simply love and adore our “Elf on the Shelf”!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  8. Hi MandiMadeIt… Talk about making you laugh!!! Ours is a laugh a minute!!! Gotta love them and all their busy-ness!!! Have a great week!!!

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