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Action Pack is an ad-free magazine for kids who want to do stuff, and what kid doesn’t!!! It is by kids with the help of their very creative mum. It is for kids who like doing stuff, and what kid doesn’t!!! Pages and pages of projects to do, experiments to try and crafty ideas… it is all very hands-on and something kids can get stuck into and enjoy straight-away. The latest Action Pack is all about food and cooking!!!

When we were asked if we would like to review a copy of The latest Action Pack, honestly I couldn’t hit reply fast enough!!! We are a family of ten so we consume at least thirty meals a day… at least!!! So cooking and mastering food skills are a big part of our kids lives… Firstly it’s an e-mag, so you get it instantly, you can print it out but I popped it into our i-pad and left it there for my kids discover… next thing I looked and almost every single page was bookmarked with recipes they wanted to try!!! Not difficult recipes… all of them completely doable from my se7en year old up. The recipes use ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen cupboards. I left my kids to it and our kitchen counter has looked like this… for the better part of the week…


My kids and I both loved that it was written for kids. They could dive in and try things… I loved that, along with the expected safety tips there were cooking tips. One of the cooking tips was that you clean up when you were done, my kids took that straight to heart!!! The other thing we loved was that each recipe has a printable recipe card… totally loved that… my kids set out to collect the cards they “had cooked”!!! The challenge was on!!! Recipes like: bread; pizza rolls; chicken schnitzel; vege soup; quesadilla’s; custard cookies; ice-chocolate; and the biggest hit here… honey cake!!!


Anyway, enough of us… we thought it would be fun to interview the authors and find out more about the kids that live in Australia, the far side of the world to us… so meet the team from Whip Up…

Orlando (Age 9) answered our questions:

  1. Can you tell us a bit about where you live?
  2. We live in a small city with lots of trees, it’s quite nice here, we have a big backyard and we have some new baby ducklings. We are far from the beach though — so we like to go camping at the beach on holidays, we mostly just ride our bikes around here though – oh and sometimes climb mountains and stuff.

  3. We know you went on a fabulous road trip last year, what is your favorite food to eat when you are in the great out doors.
  4. Favourite thing to eat when camping — I do like bacon and lentil soup when camping, and Daal too and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Oh and lots of hot tea cooked over the fire. I love to light the fire. We make really good roast chicken in the camp oven too.

  5. What is your favorite Australian holiday and is there something special you bake for it.
  6. Christmas is lots of fun and I love eating Pavlova — last year I really loved the garlic prawns with crusty bread that we had at my cousins house. When we have lots of friends over we make a big pot of curry.

  7. What do you think are the most important requirements for good food?
  8. Good ingredients are really important for good food – not just packet food but homemade food without additives. If its homemade or homegrown then its better.

    Image 1

  9. When you go shopping for ingredients where is your favorite spot to shop?
  10. We like to go to the farmers market on the weekend – it’s really fun to get lots of taste tests and to see all the yummy fresh food and to talk to the farmers too.

  11. We love browsing through recipe books, do you have a favorite?
  12. I like the Martha Stewart’s cookie cook book. I made chocolate crackle cookies today from that cook book.

    Image 2

  13. What did you enjoy the most about creating your cook book?
  14. Eating the food, testing the recipes – and licking the bowl. Cleaning up is not so much fun – my mum mostly helps though.


    and the se7en + 1th question

  15. If you could plan your dream menu for a day what would it be?
  16. For my birthday my dream menu is going to be (my mum’s cooking – she lets us choose our dinner menu for our birthday each year): Bouillabaisse (it’s a french fish soup), with Creme brûlée for dessert and freshly squeezed orange juice. mmm I can’t wait.

Thank you Orlando for your answers, we really enjoyed learning a little more about you and we loved your magazine!!! It is a very cold wintry Friday morning here and we are going to celebrate the end of a very busy week with choco-mug cakes for breakfast.

Previous Action Packs include: Mad Scientist Issue; Celebration; Sticks and Stones; Sew and Tea; Seeds and Beads; The Great Outdoors… and many more… These mags are so well produced and packed with fun ideas – they really are value for money. You can find out all the ins and outs of the Action Pack magazines here, on their FAQ page.

We received a free copy of this action pack for review purposes, we were not paid to review it and the opinions expressed in this post are as usual, entirely our own. Many of the photographs in this post were provided by the magazine authors and if you click on them they will take you directly to the website for this Action Pack.

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