Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #130…


You know those weeks where everything you read is a “must save for the Friday Fun post” and I know I am leaving out heaps of good stuff and I am going to kick myself later for not having far more links in this post… It would seem that half the blog world is thriving on summer breaks and the other half are thriving on hibernation!!! Let’s start with a couple of our favorite fun links from around the web this week:

  1. Oh you know this is going to be good: Katherine Marie’s kids went to Boot Camp – oh the cuteness!!!
  2. We were so excited to have a nature walk on Imagine Childhood… love to see a walk from Africa featured!!! but more than that you have to see the fab post Backyards or Bust: Campers in Training. EVerything to love – stop by there and take a look for some outdoor inspiration!!!
  3. Our great garden transformation has been halted by the most unbelievably wintry weather… Cape Town has winter – comes as a shock to us every single year and I have only lived here all my life!!! But is you are looking for some garden fun the look no further than the fabulous Squashed Tomato… love it all!!!
  4. This week I discovered Puku a website devoted to “everything” children’s literature in southern Africa. Totally brilliant site – news and views… everything!!!
  5. Oh are you looking for something fun to do with your kids… There is so much history fun on the Young Archaeologists’ Club… oh my word heaps of things to do – I think I may just leave this link out for my kids to get stuck into…
  6. You know how I love blogging about blogging well last weeks “weekend challenge” was a perfect for a blog like ours, packed with a little bit of everything: Get Focused on your Multi-Topic Blog.
  7. And still with blogging: 5 Minutes for Mom had a post on Media Kits – Gotta Get me One… Excellent post on the Hows and Whys…
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  9. This very much reminded me of a house my older siblings made when I was tiny… I remember sitting in it for hours while they built around it… very fun: Handmade Charlotte – Gypsy Caravan Playhouse.

Meanwhile don’t forget to take a wander through a couple of neighborhoods around the world…

My friend Jojoebi designs is having a #worldwander… Bloggers from round the world are posting photographs of the neighborhood that they live in. We are very excited to be part of this project… Here’s a list of all the participants… it has been great!!!

Day 1 – jojoebi-designs – Saitama, Japan
Day 2 – akatsuki ra-ra-ra – California, USA
Day 3 – little red farm – Sweden
Day 4 – “Je veux une ‘tite soeur-fille” – Canary islands
Day 5 – Knitty Lorn – East Devon, UK
Day 6 – We Don’t Need No Education – Michigan, U.S.A
Day 7 – Jeollanam-do Salad – South Korea
Day 8 – Merita’s Playground – Slovenia
Day 9 – kids, craft and chaos – Scotland, UK
Day 10 – Zonnah’s Addictions – Washington State, USA
Day 11 – Adventures of a rainbow mama – Australia.
Day 12 – Se7en – South Africa
Day 13 – Talia’s Travel Web Log – New York, USA
Day 14 – Monkey Magic – Japan
Day 15 – The Pukeko Patch – Wellington, New Zealand
Day 16 – Cami Daily – Berlin, Germany
Day 17 – Crazy Cambridge mum – Cambridge, UK
Day 18 – Schaeresteipapier – Zurich, Switzerland
Day 19 – Journey to Morocco – Morocco

That’s us… Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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  1. ah, the YAC – can heartily recommend – I was a member as a child and went on some great archaeological summer camps with them (even met my first boyfriend on one!), and now we’re family members with my own kids 🙂

  2. Hay Zoe, Isn’t the YAC website amazing!!! So many fun things to do, took my breathe away!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!!

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