Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit France for Bastille Day…

So today was Bastille Day and we had mail… a list of Se7en + 1 fun things to do…

Bastille Day013


  1. Maps and Flags: We needed to have a look at our French Facts…
  2. DSC_0813DSC_0809



  3. Feasts: The French have a whole host of fine feasts… they eat snails and so did we, cinnamon rolls drizzled in melted chocolate, because apparently there is a lot of chocolate in France. Not to mention platters of French crepes with fresh fruit and cream!!!
  4. DSC_0567

    And what about chocolate Croissants and chocolate eclairs, or traditional Apple Pie!!!


  5. The Landmarks: Some bleach and plain colored t-shirts and we had a pile of quick and easy Tee’s.
  6. DSC_0870DSC_0873

    And a lot of tower building to see who could build the highest one…


  7. The Gallery: Of course we went to The Louvre, we saw lots of paintings by French artists and colored them in using Art Masterpieces to color in. One of the paintings in the gallery was missing – a bit of a mystery… and we went on a quick scavenge to find it.
  8. DSC_3456DSC_3455DSC_3450DSC_3449DSC_3447DSC_3446DSC_3445



  9. The Race: On Bastille Day there is a waiters race through the streets of town… they usually carry glasses of champagne… it was so windy here we were today we could hardly carry ourselves, but races round the block were achieved!!! Of course there is another grand French Race known the world over… The Tour de France… and we had great fun chasing down the Yellow Jersey…
  10. DSC_0688DSC_0692DSC_0698DSC_0705


  11. The Perfume: The girls made their own French perfume… There was the gathering of pretty smelling plants and flowers and the trimming, we added some base oil (we had almond oil) and popped it into a jar. A dab of pretty oil before heading out will help a young lady smell pretty for hours!!!
  12. DSC_0822DSC_0828DSC_0834DSC_0840

  13. Listening: Well of course their are French Musicians and our favorite is Saent-Saens and his piece the Carnival of the Animals. We love this CD, where Leonard Bernstein explains everything as he goes along.

  14. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  15. Story Inspiration: Well no day would be complete without some story book inspiration…

  16. And our all time favorite French Flavor story: The Red Bslloon…

That’s us a fun day in France… until next time!!!

16 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit France for Bastille Day…”

  1. Hi CHrista, Thank you so much for stopping by… I just added a little color using fabric markers… blue and red, if you don’t have markers then you can use marking pens. Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. Hi Sara, It was a fun day… and we were so happy to have something to post on your link-up!!! We love the Red Balloon, my son has made an illustrated version the I think you might like… Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow. You are amazing. I can’t wait to reference when we cover France. What kinds of building blocks do you own? Thanks!

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