Se7en’s Celebrities: The Domestic Goddesque…

It is a tradition during the month of our Blogaversary to ask a couple of our favorite bloggers for a list of Se7en + 1 “anythings…” Things they love or things they loathe!!! Best books, best blogs, things you love about blogging, best outings, best ice-cream flavors, places to visit, best foods, fun traditions, habits, kid stuff you still enjoy, summer fun, winter fun, even se7en +1 favorite words – whatever they like…

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Meet The Domestic Goddesque, who blogs about all things fun and especially crafty, with her two darling daughters… all the way from the UK.

Se7en +1 things we’ve enjoyed making in 2012:

  1. Magritte Inspired Art.
  2. Printing with corks for Valentines Day.
  3. Russian Tea Cakes.
  4. Making Teacher’s Gifts.
  5. Caribbean Mango Cream.
  6. Splatter Paint Haggis for Burns Night.
  7. Shields, because girls can be Knights too.
  8. And the se7en + 1th activity…

  9. An Olympic Torch. The torch passes through Bromley on Monday morning and we’ll be waving madly when it does.

Thank- you so much Domestiqque Goddesque for your list and for joining our Celebrity Fun!!! Hope you all enjoy the Olympics!!!

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  1. Hi there
    I just got here and i loooove it! congrats! not just for rasing 7+1 kids but for the wonderful space you have here. Hugs

  2. Hi Clara, thank you so much for stopping by and saying how much you enjoyed reading… Hope you have a great day!!!

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