Se7en + 1 Alien Cake Pops for Yuppie Chef…

When Yuppie Chef holds a competition we find it hard to resist… impossibly hard to resist. And I have to say our previous experiences with Cake Pops meant I was too keen to go down that road again… but finally on the very last day… We got stuck in. Meet the Alien Family:


Seriously it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be… We just followed the Yuppie Chef recipe… step by step and with the help of some edible googly eyes, sent to us by the wonderful Domestic Goddesq.


So here you go in Se7en + 1 steps:

  1. We began with a cake… a plain old “Quickest Cake in the World” kind of cake… and don’t worry if little folk have been nibbling it, because you are going to have turn it into cake crumbs anyway…
  2. A couple of months ago we bought a food processor and I am still learning the ropes… but it was a lifesaver… A push of the button and we had cake crumbs!!!
  3. DSC_0004


  4. Then we made butter cream icing… and while I had never made crumbs before, I didn’t even dream you could make icing in a food processor!!! Well toss the ingredients in and press go!!! Wonderful, I will never look back!!!
  5. DSC_0007

  6. Then you combine your crumbs and icing together to form a thick mixture…
  7. DSC_0011


  8. We kept some icing back and added more than enough icing sugar… this is great workable modelling clay, you can roll it you can shape it – anything… add a dash of colour using food colouring and a toothpick and you are away!!!
  9. DSC_0062

  10. So we rolled our mixture in balls and popped skewers into each of them and then popped them into the freezer to harden to work with… And this is our tip for success… we totally forgot them there for hours and they were quite frozen when we worked with them. Honestly these little cake balls shatter at a glance – and freezing them made them totally workable. While your pops are in the freezer think of what you are going to stand your pops up in. An egg box did the trick – but I am sure there are more elegant ways!!!
  11. DSC_0014


  12. We covered ours in melted chocolate… and the trick here is to just warm your chocolate and not let it get too warm – ho hum, bit of an over enthusiastic fail there!!! But moving on… Dunk in chocolate and swirl around…
  13. DSC_0024DSC_0017

    DSC_0023 DSC_0022 DSC_0019

  14. Then let the mess begin… decorate to your hearts content… if we had planned this ever so slightly we would have stocked up on sprinkles and suchlike, but it turned out that the googly eyes were quite enough!!!
  15. DSC_0027

    Seriously… at this stage just dive in…





Honestly, the possibilities are endless… different flavours, different decorations, different dippings… While our alien family was being created… Hood #1 was creating his own team of aliens!!! He coated his in lovely drippy icing… it worked well!!!




Thank you Yuppie Chef for teaching us a new skill!!! I think we are going to have a lot of fun with this project in the very near future!!!

10 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Alien Cake Pops for Yuppie Chef…”

  1. This is so timely. I’ve been amassing the ingredients for decorating and, finally, this weekend I found the extra long lollipop sticks. Yeh! Love the tip about freezing and the egg carton stand. We shall be making.

    Still smiling at the edible googly eyes. I hope they are stacked next to the edible glitter in the shops.

  2. LOVE your entry! Them googly eyes are stunningly cute 🙂 How’s my juicer treating you? xxx

  3. Hay Cheryl, They were fun!!! We have a new edible craft!!! I think that if you have a block of polystyrene it may work better to hold your pops up… though the egg carton was okay… just tricky to balance them all!!! The googly eyes were so cool, totally made our aliens!!! Hope you have a fun week…

  4. Hi Chantelle, Thrilled you liked our pops!!! Your juicer is fab!!! Just as much fun as ever!!! Hope you have a brilliant week!!!

  5. Hi there Creative Jewish Mom, Thank you for your kind comment!!! I know it has been a while… we got back into school and while the kids are so busy creating and working on their own projects we haven’t been blogging them… but we are getting back on track and focused on the things we love to blog about again!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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