Se7en’s November… And A Free Printable Calendar…


6 Replies to “Se7en’s November… And A Free Printable Calendar…”

  1. As always, I look forward to this list!
    I was surprised that you didn’t have November 6th down as the American voting day.
    I’m a Canadian and I was unaware the British celebrate November 11th as Remembrance Day as well. Thanks for the links!
    Be sure to read the poem in Flanders Field written by Canadian John Macrae

  2. Thanks Allie, So glad you enjoy our lists!!! I know we have so many American followers, but I have to say voting day isn’t that big over here!!! However we do celebrate Remembrance Day and live very close to a war memorial and there is a service and small parade there each year. We love the poem “In FLanders Field” and will have to visit there one day because of it. Thanks for the link tip – I will check it out for you… And otherwise I hope you have a fun November!!!

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