So We Went to the Movies… We Did!!!

Do you remember the first movie you ever went too? For the longest time I have wanted to take all my kids to the movies… it is time!!! So when we were invited to the movies I grabbed the chance with both hands… and much as I wanted to keep it a secret until the day… I cracked and had to tell. Needless to say there was dancing and singing in the streets… loads of joy and sleepless nights packed with excitement as it got closer and closer to the event.


They are all trying to smile like the lead – Flint

The fact that they were going to an actual real live movie – in the dark was quite enough excitement… and then they discovered an ocean of popcorn… the heady joy…


Popcorn and soda… just for me!!! Hold my breathe I am dying of excitement!!!


Let the watching begin!!!


I thought some folk would be a little nervous… you know dark, surround sound, 3D things flying at you… a whole new experience… None of that, they laughed hysterically at all the parts I thought were scary… they just about exploded with joy during the funny parts – and there were funny parts.


They totally got into the chill factor of it all…


And one exceptionally happy camper who was a lucky winner because he knew what a “Foodimal” was…


Our Zoku Machine has had babies… and kitchen inventing has reached new heights…


If you know you know what a “foodimal” is and you are under twelve and want to draw one then click on the image below and head straight over to Yuppie Chef and get your drawing on… Fun times and Fun prizes…


Yuppie Chef, you guys are the best, thank you for making dreams come true and the fabulous time at the movies. We totally loved our trip to the movies.

This is not a sponsored blog post, and we were not asked or paid to write a post. Yuppie Chef did provide us with tickets, but all the opinions are, as usual, totally ours. We wrote the post because we had such a ball and thought our readers might enjoy drawing some “foodimals” with us this weekend.

10 Replies to “So We Went to the Movies… We Did!!!”

  1. I’m so bummed I missed it. Didn’t see the announcement on Facebook at ALL! Can’t wait until they have another movie day 🙂 xx

  2. Oh Tami, So sorry you missed it, would have loved to meet up with you. You have watch those guys and their lovely surprises – so many and they fly past!!! Hope you all have lovely weekend!!!

  3. I love your pictures! I totally enjoyed it more because I knew how much all the kids were loving it. The spontaneous laughter – oh what fun re-living childhood!

  4. Hay Debbie, It was the best!!! I knew for my kids it would be magical – it was!!! Loved every second of it!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

  5. SO fun!! And I’ve learned something new – the definition of “foodimal”. 🙂

  6. Hay Laura, always good to be learning!!! WE are having a foodimal fest over here!!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

  7. Hay Corli, We had so much fun… they were having a ball in their 3D sunglasses!!! Hope yo all have a fun weekend!!!

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