Se7en’s April… And Your Free Printable Calendar…


Welcome to April and here is your free printable calendar… click on it and it should open in a fresh window, print it landscape and colour away. We add a couple of dates we especially want to remember to our calendar before we pop it onto our noticeboard.

se7en-02-Apr-14-April 2014001.jpg

4 Replies to “Se7en’s April… And Your Free Printable Calendar…”

  1. Love this – have written down the important ones I want to chat to the kids about – maybe we can do this after dinner or something like that

  2. I just love that you create these and share them with us. Thank you for being so faithful about this every month! Best wishes!

  3. Hay Cat, Fantastic… I cannot write anything on the calendar without somebody noticing it!!! Just knowing it is a significant day… takes the mundane out of any day!!! Hope you have a fabulous one!!!

  4. Kara, Thank you so much for stopping by, I so appreciate folk reading away… I must say, this is a post that really gets me into gear each month. A fresh start and all that!!! Wishing all the best April… full of Springshine!!!

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