Se7en + 1 Things to do with a Bandana, And Let’s Support The Sunflower Fund Together…

The Sunflower Fund National Bandana Day Campaign runs from 15 August to 15 October 2014. And National Bandana Day is 12 October…

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The Sunflower Fund National Bandana Day Campaign has a simple message this year:

“We all have Hopes and Dreams for the future. By purchasing a bandana for R25 you could make a difference and offer those fighting leukaemia and other life threatening blood disorders a chance of a future”.

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As a family we really wanted to support the Sunflower Fund and we headed for the supermarket and collected se7en + 1 Bandanas… and then we brainstormed se7en + 1 Things to do with a bandana… and like all good brainstorming sessions we began by baking a batch of cookies, as one does…

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Se7en + 1 Things to do with a Bandana…

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  1. Endless Quilting: Sew them together for a picnic blanket or an almost instant bedspread.
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  3. Endless Cushions: All my kids think a pile of bandana cushions will rather up the decor around here.
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  5. Endless Head Gear: There are only about a million bazillion ways to wear a bandana.
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  7. Endless Bandana Bunting: Cut your bandana into four triangles. Fold the base of each triangle over and stitch them to form a casing. Thread some ribbon or string through the casing and hang your bunting up… done!!!
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  9. Endless Clothing and Accessory Upgrades: Sometimes a pair of jeans just needs a bandana stripe.
  10. se7en - 130914 - 0968.jpg se7en - 130914 - 0949.jpg se7en - 130914 - 0940.jpg se7en - 050914 - 0631.jpg se7en - 050914 - 0621.jpg se7en - 050914 - 0612.jpg se7en - 050914 - 0601.jpg

  11. Endless Dress Up: And I mean endless… pirates, cowboys, super heroes, doctoring, endless…
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  13. Endless Aprons: Just snip and add ribbon and all that felt baking will be taken to a new level.
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    And the se7en + 1 th

  15. Bandanas make the Best Gifts and the Best Baby Present Ever: All our babies had a special bandana, firstly they are bright and fun and each can have their own colour. Buy a couple and then you have a special supply. They are great for about a million baby things:
    • A trendy spit up cloth,
    • An instant bib,
    • A sunshade,
    • Something to lay them on when you really need to put them down on a clean surface,
    • Something to swing above them for batting practice with those little feet,
    • Something light enough for them to hold on too,
    • And something for them to cuddle when they fall asleep,
    • Could go on and on…

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While bandanas are fun and projects with bandanas are more fun… these bandanas serve a serious purpose. The Sunflower Fund desperately needs our support. The Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation in Cape Town, South Africa. They are trying to educate South Africans, create awareness and raise funds to build the South African Bone Marrow Registry with healthy bone marrow stem cell donors…to improve the chances for all South Africans, diagnosed with life threatening blood disorders, of having a bone marrow stem cell transplant and being given the opportunity of a longer life!

What can you do for the Sunflower Fund

  • Visit their website to learn more.
  • See if you qualify to be in the bone marrow registry.
  • The funds from bandana sales goes towards funding the project… buy a bandana.
  • Wear your bandana on Bandana Day – to raise awareness of this very important project.

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7 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Things to do with a Bandana, And Let’s Support The Sunflower Fund Together…”

  1. Such a great post Seven! I’ve seen people use sunflower fund bandanas as party pack bags (instead of plastic) and instead of wrapping paper. A popular choice in our area is wrapping them over the headrests in your car. 🙂 xx

  2. Hay Tami, Glad you liked it and hope you had a fantastic birthday. I love the gift wrap idea!!! LOVE IT!!! I am definitely going to be doing that!!!

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